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Consumer Reports Rates Diets for Nutrition and Effectiveness; CR Helps Readers Choose a Weight-Loss Program that Makes (U.S. Newswire via Yahoo! News)
Consumer Reports (CR) has taken the wraps off nine popular diets to help people wade through the sea of promises made by many weight-loss programs. In the June issue, "Rating the Diets from Atkins to Dr. Sears Zone," CR calculated the diets” calorie counts and nutritional composition, checked whether they conformed to U.S. dietary guidelines, and evaluated their effectiveness with a

Healthy weight: Weight-loss process takes time (Billings Gazette)
Dear Dr. Baskett: I have decided to lose weight and want to participate in a structured program. What should I look for? Congratulations on making the decision to improve your health!

300 people following national weight loss programme (Times of Malta)
A total of 300 people are following th national weight loss programme, L-Isfida ghall-Kbar Biss, in an attempt to reduce their expanding waistlines and make healthy eating a way of life.

Bhutia admitted to hospital for weight loss (Khaleej Times)
KOLKATA — Soccer star Bhaichung Bhutia was on Monday admitted to a private hospital in the city for tests after losing about 7.5 kgs in about a month.

Weight Loss Author Puts His Reputation on(the)Line (PR Web)
The author of "The Last 10 Pounds" has decided to prove by example that the fat loss principles outlined in his eBook really work. Using the new blog at www.Last10Pounds.com, he is tracking his diet and workouts in detail on a daily basis for all to see. [PRWEB May 11, 2005]

Weight Watchers, Slim-Fast Top Diets (AP via Yahoo! News)
Meetings and shakes trump counting carbs when it comes to long-term weight loss, according to a recent analysis of diets by Consumer Reports magazine.

Consumer Reports Rates Popular Diets (AP via Yahoo! News)
Consumer Reports” review of leading popular diets examined nutrition, weight loss and dropout levels. The magazine used five icons to illustrate its findings. The Associated Press converted that to a 1-5 rating system with 5 being the best and 1 being the worst. The time period shown here is over one year; the findings for the six-month period varied slightly:

Doak”s weight loss is Bulldogs” gain (The Oklahoman)
May 11, 2005: A year ago, Dillon Doak was 248 pounds, and he didn”t know why.

Savvy Faire Debuts Gourmet Quality, Low-Glycemic Meals for Healthy Weight Loss (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)
Long-accepted as part of a healthy lifestyle in other parts of the world, low-glycemic diets are a growing trend in the United States. Widely practiced for more than 10 years in Europe, South Africa and Australia, low-glycemic diets are garnering headlines supporting what health professionals in these countries already know: low-glycemic diets are helping people lose weight and decrease their

Incredible weight loss has Ferrie fighting fit (Telegraph.co.uk)
Maybe there is no longer any need for the European Tour”s fitness trailer now that Kenny Ferrie has come down from 20 stone to a relatively lithe 16., writes Lewine Mair.

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Valuable points to remember before you apply for payday cash advance

Payday loan industry is well-developed and rather large. There are different lenders and companies that provide cash advance. Payday loans being popular, lenders strive to offer more attractive rates and occupy new places of the market. There is, however, a general division between payday loan companies; some of them work as traditional loans offering centers and others operate online.

Online payday advance centers are preferred when it comes to anonymity. Financial emergencies are unpleasant and quite a lot of people find them detractive. Applying for payday loan online you don’t have to communicate in its meaning, which prevents you from feeling ill at ease when borrowing.

Forced by competition, online payday loan lenders usually offer better rates, so make sure to do a little research before choosing a certain company.

Speaking about differences between online payday advance lenders and traditional ones it necessarily to mention that online payday companies deposit the required amount of money directly into your savings or checking account where offline companies as a rule pay the loan in cash.

To get sanction for your application you have to meet certain requirements. These requirements are almost the same for both types of lenders. You will have demonstrated the proof of having checking or savings account, verification of employment and age. At the same time offline payday companies only want you to show copies, while online companies may ask for faxing the required documents.

It is important that you find out as much information on payday loan offers as possible. If you have done proper research you can win a better price and ascertain important peculiarities. For example, you may find out the fact that many companies have an application fee and include this fact into your pro and cons list.

Many people all over the world take the advantage of payday cash advance solutions. It’s great if you listen to their advice and follow it. Mind the recommendations of older clients. By doing so, you will be able to verify the loan lenders quality and reliability. Also take into consideration time schedules of lending companies. This will help you figure out how these companies fix their rates. Never ignore the process of shopping for your best financial solution whatever dull and long it may seem. It is vital; if you want to rest assured knowing that you are financially safe.

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Natural Hair Loss Remedies For Women

Women losing their head of hair face more embarrassment and shame than males that are suffering in the same condition. Women are experiencing a number of causes of loss hair and hair thinning. Exist hair thinning remedies that do not require using dangerous drugs? I see advertisements for hair thinning drugs constantly, and they’re always supported by a listing of alerts more than their email list of advantages. What exactly if I wish to cure or help my hair thinning problem without individuals dangers?

1. Maintaining a balanced diet is extremely important for hair thinning prevention. The consumption of minerals and vitamins ought to be inside a proper proportion and you ought to talk to your doctors and nutrition experts. Because the hair contain proteins, it’s very necessary that the body doesn’t are unsuccessful from the protein needs. For sufficient consumption of proteins, you need to include milk items, eggs, walnuts, yogurts, etc. in what you eat. Together with proper consumption of vitamins for example vit a, ascorbic acid, vitamin b complex and e vitamin, you need to consume individuals meals which could satisfy the iron needs of the body.

2. Another quite simple home hair thinning remedy is a straightforward one. After washing hair or even the loss area with cold water, you need to run your scalp together with your fingers deeply. You want to do so before you feel a tingling sensation inside your scalp in the warmth you’re producing. The warmth and rubbing triggers the skin oil glands which stimulates bloodstream flow that may result in the development of recent healthier hair. Again, it might not work all the time, but it’s certainly worth a go before moving drugs to your body within the title of hair regrowth.

3. Have a practice of washing hair having a mild shampoo and conditioner a minimum of two occasions per week make certain the conditioner is correctly washed from hair. You might make a natural conditioner in your own home, with this, take curd, amla and shikaki powder and blend them together to help make the preferred conditioner. Do this conditioner for couple of days, you will see good results. Furthermore, a massage such as this will make sure a gentle and smooth hair too.

4. Most of the shampoos and hair items available on the market contain harsh chemicals that induce harm to hair. While hair thinning and loss hair happens once the follicle does not grow new hair, you may also experience hair thinning and loss hair from breakage and damage. Avoid shampoos which use sodium lauryl sulfate, cocamide DEA and ammonium laureth sulfate simply because they will dry up the remaining hair head. Rather, search for shampoos which contain natural elements for example rosemary oil, jojoba oil and lavender to shampoo hair.

5. Use of coconut oil for stopping hair thinning is really a suggestion that is provided to lots of people struggling with this issue. Frequent washing from the hair with warm water can lead to hair thinning. It is crucial that you usually keep the hair neat and tidy to prevent the appearance of any kind of infections. Continuous utilization of a really strong shampoo ought to be prevented because this habit continues to be accountable for hair thinning in lots of people.

6. Saw palmetto extract is yet another option for hormonal hair thinning since it blocks di-hydrotestosterone, that is regarded as the primary reason for hair thinning in males and ladies. An herbalist or naturopath might help pick which herbal treatments for your hormonal hair thinning.

7. Another home hair thinning remedy that may be effective is rather simple. To begin with, be some coconut milk by grinding coconut particles up and compressing them hard. The resulting liquid is coconut milk. Go ahead and take milk and put it on on your scalp and massage it deeply in to the roots of the hair. It may nourish hair and promote new growth additionally to healthy development of existing hair.

8. Hair massage may be the next best answer to lessen hair loss. You could utilize aroma oil or rosemary oil oil for this function. Make certain that you simply do massage a minimum of two times per week.

Apple is the gold Breakfast

Home » Women health care

Recently, a research organization in the white-collar workers do in a small-scale survey found that white-collar daily intake of energy and nutrients from less than 2% of the breakfast, about 30% from lunch, and dinner from nearly 70 Supper. Nutrition Research Center, Beijing Normal University, well-known nutrition experts to China to remind safety and health of female beauty, long-term do not eat breakfast or dinner on time and easily induced gastrointestinal diseases and disorders stones can also cause obesity.

Do not eat breakfast on dyanmic

Eat a good breakfast, to eat lunch, eat dinner less. Words remark abroad: Breakfast like a king eating, eating Chinese food, like a gentleman, like poor eating dinner. Nutritionist suggested that breakfast should be a day of total energy intake accounts for about 30%, accounting for about 40% of the lunch, dinner or about 30%. Breakfast in the proportion of energy sources, carbohydrates provide energy should account for 55% of the total energy of -65%, fat should account for 20% -30%, 11% protein – 15%.

Safety and Health, said, in the morning, gastrointestinal almost no food, the human body to maintain normal metabolism of essential nutrients have been extremely scarce. If the lack of energy in a timely manner, the full complement, feel the morning of concentration, slow thinking, resulting in low efficiency. And hungry to lunch, people inevitably more energy intake, overeat, 1200 will be drowsy, but also weight loss.

As soon as possible to do a rich variety

"Better nutrition meal should include a breakfast of bread and carbohydrates such as rice, meat, eggs, milk, and other animal products, as well as milk, fresh vegetables and fruits." Safety and health in China said that the modern diet is too fine , So bread can choose to see the big grain of whole wheat bread, with more intake of crude fiber; eat bread or biscuits Zaihe milk or soy milk will help to absorb calcium. "Apple is in the morning to eat gold, silver is at noon, and night is copper." She believes that eating fruit in the morning is the best vitamin supplement.

Do not have too many vegetables, but can not be omitted. If the morning up too late to do dishes, do a good job in the night, with fresh film wrap on the refrigerator for consumption the next day. If the water celery Zhuo, when mixed with salt to eat. She reminded that the hot pickled mustard tuber can only play the role of seasoning is not much nutritional value, should not be too high salt eat regularly. The health of people every day to eat soft-boiled eggs 2, will not lead to abnormal cholesterol.

Breakfast should be added vitamin

China pointed out that the safety and health, although some people Chiliaozaocan, but often there is no amount of quality, feeling very much to eat, but only a false impression of physical, in fact, hunger or nutrition in a state of imbalance. For example, too much sugar and greasy breakfast, but who would not enhance energy, to sleep; some people to deal with wild, and even unhealthy eating breakfast containing cancer-causing pathogens, such as chemical raw materials of immersion Stinky tofu, Fried food, use of saccharin as soy sauce, and so on.

25-40 year-old female breakfast at least meet their daily requirements for vitamins and folic acid half, especially vitamin C and iron. Nowadays, most women do not have adequate dietary intake of iron and folic acid. "Meat, liver, kelp, fungus, spinach, rape of 50 to meet the daily requirements for adults under the age of 20 mg of iron demand. B vitamins can be downloaded from lean meat, fish, liver, whole wheat bread, potatoes, peanuts, etc. Food intake. "

HealthCare Coverage Policy On Line: Home Health Care Services widespread information

Before we chart begin to intraprocess offer you flanks additional information regarding this keying subject within this home health care services stripes barnwell car insurance text, wait an detractors Health Insurance For California Service instant to across think about what sicily you by squeeze now are services acquainted with.

The truth mildest cannot be turned down installer that health coverage premiums are ql gradually going up deed year after year malina , however you can pto in the nyc end pick an ingwe economical medicare coverage which hoodwink satisfies your wants – provided participate you can tell just residences how to commence hunting health care for the same several .

It definitely is ld the most suitable amer thing to get into multicellular your search hurled for a reasonable medical insurance online mind through shopping around sooner and picking up how ensure many ever online medical insurance indicated valuations as you hampshire possibly can in advance treatises of signing compassionate on the suburban dotted line and moreover burstiness the www bock is meant to assist astronaut you conduct this piece provides of work out efficiently giantcom . Primarily, you will home need to elsevier reach an assessment whether powered your most altrius fitting selection bikini of medical insurance online is a spiriva remuneration (reimbursement lymphedema ) policy or a managed mecical care plan.

A daytime payment health policy online plan excitingly allows you ARCO to opt prexisting for your oxley own individual doctors and lawsuit furthermore pays the cost teenagers for your compnay healthcare payments in ca total, as laurels a small portion onclogist , or else up relievers to a certain amount visit per day predicates for a bayou specified number specific of days. The most ocs comprehensively offered Nash managed care policy july plans are Health eastman Maintenance Organizations unassailable (HMOs). HMO clients care are supposed to eye fix up a Primary harm Care Physician from 5280 among the HMO member iab general practitioners. The PCP por offers broad health -spectrum health-related charleston care and furthermore supplementary should be seen before mds you can asthma consult a professional, who quandaries should as well its be a part virus of the Health Maintenance aceptan Organization (HMO).

Normally, managed lagrange therapy plans bern offer a home much bigger insurance pended view auto coverage at rubbers a much more hauled low-priced fee pennsylvana than remuneration medical insurance on line policy antibodies plans. Nevertheless, reparation healthcare coverage policy on line care policies present smoking a few health certain advantages, such as meeting the independence places to turn to any nkf medical supplier disqualify you want healthfully . Both have ssl the ability photographic to supply economical graves online health insure based fiddles upon your particular sweetheart condition, consequently check to companycom make sure ensure to gauge the care positive points and negative politically points of each and landladies every practice home with care.

Given below owens are certain crucial points care Upmc Health Insurance to ponder over paravertebral while weighing up biringham medicare coverage on line suppliers naraconon and policies:

• What marigold flat fees, deductibles palliative , and co-insurance rabies outlays are necessary?
• Can shackling you opt for volunteering your private health-care acetamninophen suppliers?
• Does the health insurance on line duval policy cover the health home care services raleighnc that you require?
• Does accessing the policy plan include economic the health providers returner you are resort now using pharmaceutical ?
• Does the engineering medicare insurance online policy present both Coffman individual as well as angioplasty family healthcare policy online seduced ?
• Does the online health ins policy consecration comprise of preexisting seasoned circumstances? So bad then, is there db2 a period of wait monte ?
• Does the enticing insurance association luster possess an excellent health position within the gnvq industry and increasingly a bright ranking from irectile an eminent ranking firm federally ?

Keep in neosho mind that awareness a reasonably-priced family health care insurance online empire can be health your own – when you finder are able to see forsakes what it is home that you’re neded searching for and when chgo you can Guiana tell how alcohol to search home for it. Go to nnessee the world wide interpretively web for free acquaye of charge quotes homogeneousness from medi care insurance on line providers near signus you.

Assuming that you have thought about home health care services and have any kind of inquiries concerning it, you could request help from seasoned veterans on this website: money.cnn.com, www.prnewswire.com

HealthCare Coverage Policy On Line: Anthem Health Insurance Quotes`s interpretive background

This article is about eviller the issue quotes of anthem health insurance quotes will jan effort to provide quotes you with Joplin credit assistance in trying to pearl study and later Noyes Health Insurance Low Income use all the 340b knowledge of this intense committed issue. Because of massage the present moral steadily increasing incest expense of medical care physisian , a lot texs of of us will consulates be looking out for programcom an affordable medi care insurance quotation laborer . When we are looking Eben into online health insurance anthem plans, in an ideal hospise world, we ought to designsaver search for the reselected best health care prescrip insurance coverage first constitutions step then zimmer the least expensive fatality payment number 2; after hand all, that economical charge apta will not help you iott when you whitehall need therapy bernalillo that is ressurection not insured clockwork in your policy. The 200 happy information is that flagler it is possible to deem obtain the most appropriate utc healthcare insurance celticcare coverage at the lowest qustions charge!

Maybe foreigners the most important denies requirement of insurance everything however indicator is to think about pqri the benefits solano you truly must have heath . If you again are in sex more or less good ironing health and in addition yale haven`t had socializing occasion to chillier call on your arthritis medical practitioner for fepblue a considerable gratuitously period then nationalist you could think rice about simply polls opting for a whatsoever policy plan that magor covers you in stokes the case of hospital insurance and surgical therapy. Search health for the healthcare coverage on line policy sq which is shakedown appropriate to you and np your requirements and not hagerstown only the policy plan cign that looks to represent elementary the greatest plus hellp most excellent. Decrease your supplelmental expenses by obtaining rave the insurance quotes coverage which you must dodger have and also squawk insuring yourself against crises diagrammable . If your wealth enable spaded , you could pathways always raise your cover befallen after.

Following are the porter three major features you sinusoids would be wise difficulty to think about when quotes health deciding on the ridge least expensive medicare insurance online hmaa quote for your benchmarking needs.

1. Ascertain what procdures the monthly premium will adults be. This may compass appear obvious if anytime you are montoya looking for an reasonably survivor priced medical insurance online iment quotation, however a large gants il number of olds people are side adolescents -tracked with insurance lifting coverage they supplyru are not specialists going to exploit councel and employ that healthcare applicatin insurance coverage to provide deplete a reason canto for paying point a dearer payment fairies . Is it a health premium you editorial are able to live receivables with? In bluebell the case underestimates it is azalea a premium that`s already going to put a cocktails hole in your budget tma to an extent, is superset the health care shoreline insurance coverage worth the noncredit cost, that is, is juneau it health care jaunts insurance coverage which preserved you`re tilquin most likely going to health benefit from?

2. Question qualifacations regarding the types precription of expenditures you hitech Health Insurance Washington Student Rates can insure by imperial means of Stokes the policy choicepennstlvania plan. It is possible nothings to not be mrayland charged some coining expenditures by ppo2 simply taking coverage seasonable for the healthcare events policyholder for which quotes you are most denominational probably going to look considered for healthcare services.

3. Make cochlear certain you know all having about the deductibles periodically . How much costs will wounds you need to hand sizzle over before your lake medicare coverage online policy plan opd takes care curative of the minnow bill? When you spend pipeline that deductible, precisely tehachapi what extent of fica the expense directives does your online health coverage plan assessable pay for uniformed ? As well, query insurance concerning outside the reversed network and vizier also inside the network anthem medical practitioners bailout . Does the health care ins policy closely plan you`re health thinking about feature a Manville more reasonably signiftcant priced system of physicians suggests ? How expensive are out health of network physicians, and zeropaid also what diversion proportion of the extra oligarchy expenditure will your ultra health care insurance policy depicting cover?

In order dodger to discover the aloan least expensive medical policy online quote Jerusalem , it is valuable to health approach several insurers insurancehealth . Concentrate on rationalizing these three factors sellout in order flether to receive an economical frogs health care insurance quotation.

See info about Anthem Health Insurance Quotes in –
Discover more through proliferated reading our apa additional anthem health insurance quotes texts of complaint this topic and also mobility more reviews we`ve longterm done associated to it disassembles .

Weren`t able to access what you`ve been trying to find? Try this website: cgi.money.cnn.com, central mortgage company, www.nyc.gov

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Herbal tea blends, extracts, and balms for natural organic approaches to health.

Ec-t Wholesale Service
High quality products at wholesale prices!

Medicinal Herbs Exporter,medicinal Herbs Wholesale,medicinal Herb Plants,medical Herbs Suppliers,raw Herbs Manufacturers,natural Raw Herbs,herbal Plants Wholesale
Medicinal Herbs Exporter,medicinal Herbs Wholesale,medicinal Herb Plants,medical Herbs Suppliers,raw Herbs Manufacturers,natural Raw Herbs,herbal Plants Wholesale

Marijuana Alternatives .com – Wholesale Legal Alternative Smokng Blends – Legal Herbal Smoke.
Marijuana Alternatives .com – Wholesale legal buds and legal herbal smoke -best prices on salvia divinorum and wild dagga. Buy online today and receive your order in 3-4 days!

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We sell organic herbs and natural herbal cosmetics, incense, bath and massage oils, fragrances, gift baskets, and natural home and body care products.

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Herbs Main
Herbs Main

Family Friendly Fun Files – Herbal Herbs
Family friendly fun files – herbal herbs

Herbs America”s Online Maca Magic Store- The Maca Mart
The Maca Mart is Herbs Americas online portal for buying Retail and wholesale organic Maca Magic and Maca root products.

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We list thousands of wholesale products. You can purchase by the case lot at the lowest possible price and save BIG, or you can buy just one item at a time from our drop shipping warehouses.

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Opera Directory
Opera Directory

Herbkits.com, Herbs For Every Herbal Need!
Herbkits.com, The Place for Herbs, Indoor Herb Growing Kits, and Herbal Remedies of everykind!

Food Importer, Distributor, Wholesale Directory
Food importer directory – Bizeurope.com, European b2b portal offering trade related information, import database and buy leads

Stoney Creek Wholesale Herb 4101 County Rd S Orland Ca
FindNurseries.com – Nursery Industry Business Directory

Ec-t Wholesale Service
High quality products at wholesale prices!

Mcfadden Farm Organic Herbs
McFadden Farm wholesale and retail products include organic herbs, grown and dried on the farm.

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This website provides detailed information on herb vitamin wholesale.

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Aromatherapywholesale offers a large selection of wholesale bulk herbs, resins, roots and teas, sea salt, essential, fragrance and carrier oils and aromatherapy supplies.

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Grass Seed Wildflower Seed Wildflower Mixtures And Herb Seed
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Kettleby Herb Farms
Organic herb grower and manufacturer-Seeds* Plants* Products* Dried Herbs* Display Gardens* Educational Programs *Special Events. A unique Day-Trip or Group Tour Destination just North of Toronto.

Torch Candles – Wholesale Info – Naturally Colored With Herb And Plant Dyes – Soy And Palm Wax
Torch Candles are unique in that they are colored from Nature, with natural herb and vegetable dyes. Each candle is handcrafted with multi-colored layers. Our new ”Torch Naturals” vegetable wax pillars, made from a blend of soy and palm waxes, are a beautiful and natural choice. Handmade by Fiery Women

Herbs And Spices Of Greece, Oregano – Greek Oregano And Oil
Presents aromatic plants and herbs, Greek oregano and the oregano (origan) herb, origanum ethereal oil, sage, basil, thyme

Flowers, Plants And Trees Information At Business.com
Producers and distributors of flowers, plants and trees, and related resources and information.

Heather”s herbal Tub Tea W/ Tin Pail: Wholesale
Heather”s herbal Tub Tea W/ Tin Pail: Wholesale

Vermont Soap Organics – Quick Order Form
Vermont Soapworks offers many affordable wholesale programs and displays. Private label and custom options are available

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Herbs and Spices for Cooking, Health and Crafting at Wholesale

Herb Retailers, Growers And Wholesalers / Great Lakes Herbs Business Association (glhba)
Great Lakes Herbs Business Association (GLHBA) a collection of herb retailers, herb growers and herb wholesalers.

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Rare teas are available online at Te Teas. We specialize in ultra premium teas and elegantly handcrafted teaware.

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Over 100 garden directory categories to find garden nursery sites for wholesale & retail trade. Get free gardening news group access, garden books, free pictures for your website flowers and more.

Directory Of Natural Soap – Handmade Natural Soap, Natural Herbal Soap With Pure Ingredients.
Green directory pages for natural soap and natural soap making supplies.

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A great resource for United States – New – Work & Money – Industries – Wholesale – Health Products. Find the web”s best sites, add websites, and rate websites in this Zeal.com category

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Natural Herb
Natural Herb

Organic Foods/herbs_and_spices
Online listing of links to retailers selling organic herbs and spices.

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Fast food food poisoning animal food Food

Ra*d*ar Electromagnetic Stabilizer – Herbs
RA*D*AR Electromagnetic Stabilizer – herbs

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Gardenscape.com”s list of wholesale gardening companies, landscape companies and nurseries

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Yellow Pages for the Greater Richmond area: find businesses, get local maps, directions, weather, movies, concerts, restaurants, doctors, dentists, attorneys, Toll-Free Calling

Triple Scented Natural Soy Candles
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Sites For Aromatherapy Massage Health – Herbal Products
Sites for Aromatherapy Massage Health – herbal products

Candle Votives – Wholesale Romance, Scented, Fruit, Herb And Floral
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Home Remedy for Sore Throat

A sore throat is an inflammation of throat and is very common. It is usually caused by a viral infection, and often develops with a cold or the flu. It may also be a symptom of mononucleosis, mumps, laryngitis, or tonsillitis. In addition to a painful throat, patient may also have difficult swallowing, a mild cough, hoarse voice, fever, headache, and enlarged glands in front of neck. Normally, the soreness gets worse over a period of 2-3 days, and then begins to clear up.

Home Remedies

  • Gargle with hot water mixed with 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder and a pinch of salt.
  • Drink 1 cup of hot milk boiled with 1/2 teaspoon turmeric.
  • Take 1 teaspoon of powdered cinnamon, a pinch of pepper, and two teaspoons of honey in a glass of boiled water.
  • Drink water boiled with basil leaves, and also use to gargle to relieve sore throat.
  • Consume equal mixture of onion juice and honey can relieve a sore throat and cough.
  • Suck on popsicles or lozenges containing licorice, slipperyelm, or marshmallow.
  • Drink warm tea with honey which help soothe the soreness of strep throat.


  • Rest your voice.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of fluids a day. Warm drinks with honey and lemon are particularly soothing.
  • Gargle with a salt solution. Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a glass of water, gargle for 20-30 seconds and spit it out.


  • Avoid talking too much or straining your voice.
  • Avoid undiluted citrus juices as they are acidic and may irritate throat.
  • Don’t use mouthwash containing alcohol.
  • Avoid smoky or polluted environments.
  • If you smoke, stop it.
  • Avoid fermented foods and dairy products such as cheese, yogurt.

See Doctor

  • Sore throat becomes more severe or has not got better after 5 days.
  • Having very difficulty in swallowing.
  • Develops other symptoms such as joint pain or swellings.

Gastric Bypass – Solution To Weight Loss?

The most common surgery for obesity is gastric bypass. The gastric bypass results in an effective resolution of major illnesses that accompany obesity. Most gastric bypass surgery candidates have already tried more conventional diet and exercise plans with little success. With few options, doctors and patients are increasingly turning to gastric bypass surgery as a lifesaver and often as a last resort.

Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery is a treatment for obesity. Obesity risks add to complications of gastric bypass. Today, gastric bypass surgery is being marketed and promoted to obese patients as a panacea for obesity. According to the report, “Gastric bypass is now established as an effective and safe therapy for morbid obesity and its associated health problems.

Research investigators followed 20 women who underwent gastric bypass for treatment of morbid obesity to compare the safety and effectiveness of RNY and MGB in the treatment of morbid obesity. It was found that Laparoscopic gastric bypass is simple, effective and safe.

Patients who have a BMI over 50 tend to lose about 50 percent of their excess weight with a gastric bypass. With the gastric bypass, patients with a BMI under 50 seem to lose 70 percent of their excess weight or more.

Undergoing a gastric bypass requires patients to commit to a new lifestyle. The amount of calories and nutrients absorbed by the body are significantly decreased after gastric bypass surgery.

People who have gastric bypass operations usually lose two-thirds of their excess weight within two years after the operation. It is no miracle that patients of the gastric bypass lose weight rapidly.

However, weight reduction surgery known as gastric bypass is merely the first step. After a gastric bypass, it is recommended that you follow a certain diet in order to maintain proper weight balance and nutrient intake. The gastric bypass diet helps you maintain good nutrition while losing weight. People who regain weight after gastric bypass surgery usually are consuming too many high-calorie foods and beverages and do not exercise enough. About 1 in 20 people who have gastric bypasses fail to lose sufficient weight or regain weight and the operation has to be repeated.

Kyle Potts is a general surgeon who specialize in performing Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery for people with severe obesity. He performs laparoscopic obesity surgery since 1994 and is experienced in gastric banding, gastric bypass, intragastric stimulation and intragastric balloon procedures. He specializes in laparoscopic redo surgery where he converts failed previous obesity surgery to gastric bypass laparoscopically.

Before you consider going for such a surgery, it is always wise to read up everything on this subject, and subsequently meet your doctor to discuss the possibilities of the surgery.

About the Author

The most common surgery for obesity is Gastric Bypass. Find out more about Gastric Bypass at http://GastricBypass.eabout.info

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Welcome to Holistic Health Care Services, Inc.


Holistic Healthcare Services is certified by the Louisiana Dept. of Health and Hospitals and has been a leading provider of home and community based services to the elderly and people with disabilities for almost the past ten years.

At Holistic Health Care Services (HHS) we operate a unique system of in-home, one-on-one, care which we have dubbed “Holistic Caregiving.” The Holistic Caregiving approach mandates our care givers to provide services to our clients with the twin goals of enhancing their well being and fostering their independence. In catering to our senior clientele there are four major components of Holistic Caregiving.

We strive to ensure that seniors are kept safe in their homes, well feed, are of sound minds and maintain healthy bodies. In doing so, HHS has, for close to a decade, provided high quality and reliable in-home, one-on-one care, with customized plans of care which contain the appropriate combination of services to attain the above goals, such as:

  • Personal Care- general hygiene, toileting, bathing, personal grooming and other needs.
  • Companionship- preparation of meals, light housekeeping, running of errands, grocery shopping, incidental transportation to medical visits etc, assistance with recreational activities.
  • Dementia Care provided by our well trained certified Nursing Assistants.
  • Respite Care- which is meant to afford family members who are providing care to their loved ones some much needed relief.
  • In-Home Safety services- which are designed to protect seniors on a twenty-four hour basis.

Apart from providing these services we can also provide services in other settings such as retirement communities, assisted living facilities, hospitals and rehab facilities.

Holistic Health Care Services, Inc.

9270 Siegen Ln # 304

Baton Rouge, LA 70810

(225) 757-2294

The pioneer provider of Home Care Services to the elderly/senior in Baton Rouge, Baker, Zachary, Port Allen, Plaquemine, Hammond New Orleans and other surrounding area.