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What Are The Best Foods For Weight Loss?

Health Matters: What is Social Anxiety Disorder?

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An illness that causes long lasting pain in muscles, and ligament is known as fibromyalgia. This illness is caused mostly in women of ages 30 to 50. Though the exact cause for this illness in unknown some of the researches make to believe that this may be caused due to poor sleep or inadequate sleep. […]

What to eat for lunch? Are sandwiches healthy? Of course, sandwiches are healthy but only if you prepare in a proper method. Adding more cheese, and butter to sandwich will increase your fat and calories. Apart from the routine sandwich’s lunch, here are some of the best recipes that can be taken as light lunches […]

What is Uterine Ablation or Endometrial Ablation?

Endometrial ablation or Uterine Ablation is a type of treatment for abnormal uterine bleeding. It is only done in a woman who is non-pregnant and who does not want to be pregnant further. In simple words, it is a surgical destruction of the endometrium (lining cells of uterus). If the medical and hormonal therapies cannot […]

How To Help Someone With Depression?

First of all, let us know about what is a depression. Depression is nothing but fed up or feeling insistently sad or unhappy. This is not at all a sign of weakness. Depression may last for few weeks, or sometimes months. Now it’s a question for you. How can one determine that a person is […]

Infectious Mononucleosis a very common contagious infection which is also called as mono, or glandular fever or kissing disease, caused by Epstein-Barr virus that belongs to the herpes virus family. Compared to other WBC, a relative increase in lymphocytes as a result of this infection can be seen in blood of the infected person. It […]

Are you a real food lover? Do you love to eat whichever food you feel tasty? Then be careful about your weight gain. For diet lovers keeping an eye about the fat busting diet is compulsory. It’s an unbelievable fact that some of the foods you feel tasty may cause an increase in your body’s […]

Worried about unwanted pregnancy due to skipped contraception? Or a condom broke, which is due to improper usage. Calm down. It’s not so late to take morning-after pills or a week after contraceptive pills. Nevertheless, all you need to know is how to use a condom in a proper way. This will be explained at […]

How to Lose 10 Pounds In A Week

Tags: lose 10 pounds in a week

Are you with extra pounds or obese? Don’t panic. Here are some legitimate ways to lose 10 pounds in a week! You look more gorgeous than before by following these tips given by experts. 1. Eat for every 3-4 hours: This is a great tip to follow for people of all ages. A hormone called […]

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Pain Management: Advancements in Regional Anesthesia Health Advices

Posted by Bharath on May 27, 2012 in General 0 comments

Pain Management: Advancements in Regional Anesthesia

Anesthesia is derived from the Greek term, “anaisth sia”, which literally means “lack of sensation”. To put it simply, anesthesia is the use of drugs or gases before surgery and other medical procedures to manage pain. In addition, anesthesia aids in controlling the patient’s breathing, heart rate, blood flow and blood pressure.

There are three types of anesthesia: general, local and regional. The main purpose of this article is to discuss regional anesthesia and the continuing efforts for its advancement.

Regional anesthesia blocks pain affecting only a large part of the body such as the lower back or one of the limbs. Major types of regional anesthesia include epidural or spinal anesthesia and peripheral nerve block.

Like everything else, regional anesthesia has continuously evolved over time. In the recent years, the development of ultrasound regional anesthesia was greatly embraced by anesthesiologists for many different reasons. The ultrasound provides anesthesiologists a good visual on the nerves as well as their path and depth. Essentially, this technology has helped reduce complication rates in patients, and improved quality and block duration. Additionally, ultrasound regional anesthesia is said to be more cost-effective than its earlier counterparts, a huge advantage in this time of economic instability.

The European Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Therapy

Founded in 1980, the European Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Therapy (more popularly known as ESRA) aims to foster regional anesthesia in the continent. Since its first conference in Edinburgh in 1982, the society has garnered global support evident in the growing number of its members.

The annual ESRA Congress will be held on the 5th through the 8th of September this year at the Bordeaux Congress Center in Bordeaux, France. The conference is open to everyone from all over the world who wish to join the event. It is strongly advised by the Congress secretariat and the organizers that every participant should check with their local French embassy or consulate for visa requirements and other pertinent documentation well ahead of time.

Experts in the field of regional anesthesia from Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Greece and other parts of Europe are already confirmed to speak and share their knowledge at the conference. Regional anesthesia courses and seminars to be held include Central Nerve Blocks, Peripheral Nerve Blocks, Obstetric, Postoperative Pain Management, Chronic Pain Management, Pediatric and Ultrasonography.

For over three decades, the European Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Therapy has provided topnotch regional anesthesia seminars to its members and participants. For more information on this year’s conference, visit the official ESRA website.

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Food And Children Healthy Kids

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor”s book

How To Select Healthy Food For Children?

Selecting healthy foods for children have always been a daunting task for parents. And with today’s children being far more intelligent and always thinking ahead of us, the job has become more difficult. But as parents, it is our responsibility to put the children on healthy eating diets and for that, selection of healthy foods for children is the key. But then again the big question is how to relate healthy food and children? You cannot force them, you cannot be too restrictive and you also cannot be too liberal at the same time! So, let’s try and see few tricks that may be effective for selecting healthy foods for children.

Shopping Time: If you involve the children in selecting fruits and vegetables, their interest levels are bound to increase and they will also enjoy the experience of selecting various items. So if they have selected pears and carrots this week, ask them to select may be grapes and eggplants next week. Once you serve the foods that the children have selected, it is hard for them to refuse to eat those foods!

Joy of Cooking: You can create a bridge between healthy food and children instantly if you allow your children to cook. If the children are involved in planning the meal and also preparing them, they will show more interest in eating them. Start with basic things like peeling, cutting or just stirring the foods. Then slowly graduate them to help you out into full fledged cooking. You can also incorporate some nutritional activities for children in cooking that can generate interest in them.

Eating Together: Eating together has multiple children health benefits. Your children will look forward to eating with you and in the process you can also dish out foods that are rich in nutritional value. For most of the children their parents are the role models. So, if you yourself explain them what food health benefits that the vegetables or the fruits you are eating have, they will try to follow you.

Only Positive Messages: Try not to label foods into “good’ and “bad” categories. Instead highlight the food health benefits that are associated with the fruits, vegetable or cereals rich in nutritional values. Emphasize on the benefits the children may derive by linking the foods to their areas of interests like sports, studies or appearances. Tell them that one of the fruit health benefits of apples is having stronger bones and the children can run faster if their bones are developed. Or tell them that carrots are good for their skin and will make them glow.

Praise Them: Praise your children with a smile or a pat on the back and tell them how smart they are in selecting foods that are rich in nutritional values. This will encourage them to develop healthy eating diets and will be beneficial in the long run.

Pack Your Refrigerator With Fresh Food

Access is the Key: Keep your fridge and kitchen packed with bright colorful fruits, fresh vegetables, flavored low fat milk, yoghurt and cheese; whole grain snacks etc. Remind the children that your home is stocked up with all these foods and they need not run to the fast food store in case they are hungry! Give them the access to have flavored milk instead of fizzy drinks or feed them with pretzels instead of potato chips.

Try these simple but effective tricks and see how it helps in selection of healthy foods for children. You will be amazed to see the relationship it develops between food and children. And in the process your children can develop healthy eating diets that will be lifetime rewards for them!

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Walk, will run… for the health of your heart

Walk, will run… for the health of your heartBy adminPublished: 2009年12月12日Posted in: Disease & IllnessTags: Illnesses Comments [0]Digg it!Facebook

Next March 28 and 29, the Fdration Franaise of Cardiology (FFC) organizes the 34me Browse the Cur: hikes pdestres, vlo, walks… but as full of advice of sant for better prvenir the cardiovascular illnesses.

The promotion of lactivit physical na had ever had delle spoken as much! Indeed, cest moon of the cls to act on the facteursde risk that increases with lge as the overcharge pondrale, arterial lhypertension or the cardiovascular accidents.

Parce quil is as essential to fight against the sdentarit, and that, all ges of life, the promoters of the Courses of the Cur invite small and big to move itself/themselves in family or between friends. Convivial and playful, lvnement has runi more than 137 000 participants last lan.

And noubliez not that all opportunities are good to move

To know the animations prs from your home, appointment on the site of the Fdration franaise of cardilologie.

Source: communiqu of press Fdration Franaise of Cardiology, January 29, 2009.

Well to choose his/her/its device tension.

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Marionnaud – C.ur of Flower, of the cards of bound v.ux,

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Healthy Kids » health care tips

Healthy Kids » health care tips

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor”s bookFri, 23 Jul 2010 13:10:29 +0000 Care Tips for Adolescents and Children, 04 May 2010 06:09:52 +0000aritra of all ages need to be given special education about their health. The importance of maintaining  healthy living is the need of the hour, given the world we are residing in. Here are a few health care tips for adolescents and children that you may follow to ensure a healthy living condition in your kids.

A. Bad food habits cause many health problems in children. Therefore, it is important to understand how you may manage these issues.

Give them calcium rich foods which will help in their bone development. Food items rich in calcium are milk, yoghurt, soy milk etc. are the items you want your child to drink. Keep them away from sodas and soft drinks, as they have small quantities of caffeine in them. This may cause them to get addicted to the caffeine. Calcium deficiency may cause weakness in bones, knock knees, sleep disorders etc.

Protein rich food helps in muscle growth Creatine. This is common knowledge. However, the uncommon knowledge is that, intake of too much protein may cause kidney problems. Limit protein intake to the required level, and indulge your child to instead go for more sports activities that will help build muscles, and keep the child fit.

Give your child lots of greens and whole grains. These help build stronger blood vessels and lowers the chance of falling prey to killer diseases like cancer.

Push your children to exercise more and limit their time for video games and television. This not only keeps the body fit, but also reduces the chances of obesity. It is also essential for the mental growth of the child.

Insist on serving a heavy and well balanced breakfast. Since this is the most important meal of the day, it is also the best meal to include most of the essential nutrients that your child daily needs.

Girls specially need to take in more iron due to their monthly menstrual cycle. Iron deficiency causes anemia, and may pose a problem to them at a later stage. Since iron plays a major role in blood composition, it is essential for the boys as well. Iron deficiency is a very common illness amongst children.

B. Apart from a healthy food habit, it is essential for your children to get a proper night’s sleep. A growing child needs at least 9 hours of sleep on a daily basis. Therefore it is imperative that you specify a bed-time for your child, and that he/she abides by it. Lack of sleep causes disorientation in them causing them to lag behind in school, lethargic and irritable. A good night’s sleep cannot be compensated by sleeping extra on the weekend. So, help them get over this habit, if they are developing one.

C. Children nowadays are more stressed out. To ease this stress get them to do a little bit of mind relaxing exercises and indulge them to listen to soothing music once in a while.

By following these simple steps you will not only gain their health but also their confidence. You will see a definite change in their attitude towards the world.

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2010 Healthy Kids – Part 4

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor”s book

The Health Benefits of Fruits in Children

“An apple…err…a fruit a day keeps the doctor away.” Wondering when this oft repeated saying got altered? Well, studies show that it’s not just apples, but almost all fruits are rich in natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals that are essential for growth and development of our bodies. And that makes it essential for your children diet plans to compulsorily contain fruits. Fruits are easily digestible, are low in sodium content and have numerous fruit health benefits for the children.

Let’s discuss some of the common fruit health benefits for your children that will also provide you some ideas of healthy eating guidelines.

Apples: Apples are rich in flavonoids and polyphenols that are powerful antioxidants and have the abilities to fight several germs including growth of cancerous cells. Apples strengthen the blood cells in your children, prevent liver disturbances and indigestion due to its high content of malic and tartaric acids.

Pears: Pears are rich in Vitamin C and have high fiber contents in them that prevent constipation and also ensure regularity of bowel movements. If your children are having high fever or other inflammatory conditions, consumption of pears juice is believed to be highly effective.

Berries: Almost all forms of berries have certain fruit health benefits that are essential for your children. Raspberries and loganberries have high concentration of phytochemicals that help fighting growth of cancerous cells. Dark berries like blueberries, blackberries and raspberries contain powerful antioxidants. Cranberries help to fight urinary infections in your children. Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C and help fighting viruses that attack your children’s bodies, prevent gouts and rheumatism.

Peaches and Nectarines: Peaches and nectarines contain carotenes, potassium, flavonoids, and natural sugars. They are also rich in phytochemicals like lycopene and lutein that prevents heart diseases and fights growth of cancer in your children.

Cherries: Cherries are high in Vitamin A and have multiple fruit health benefits. Consumptions of cherries reduce pain and inflammation in your children, boost the heart system, help stimulate the secretion of digestive juices and act as cleansers for livers and kidneys. Cherries are also effective in common children health issues like colds, obesity, cramps, intestinal worms etc.

Grapes: Grapes are rich in flavonoids and are good source of instant energy for your children. Some fruit health benefits of grapes include prevention of constipation, gouts, skin and liver disorders, reduction of blood clots, fight against polio virus and herpes simplex virus etc.

Bananas: Bananas are rich source of Vitamin B6 and folic acids. They provide slow releasing energy and instant boosts to your children. High iron content in bananas help in hemoglobin function and prevent your children from getting anemic. Bananas are extremely high in potassium and have the abilities to reduce the risk of blood pressure and stroke. Some other fruit health benefits of bananas are development of healthy bones and protection of eyesight.

Pineapples: Pineapples are loaded with calcium, potassium; fiber and Vitamin C. Eating pineapples help in strengthening of bones, are good for coughs and colds and help in clotting of bloods for your children.

Mangoes: Mangoes contain phenols that are powerful antioxidants and fight against cancers. High iron content and Vitamin A in mangoes protect the children from heart diseases and are effective in indigestion or acidity.

Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are high in Vitamin C, acidic content, fibers and are very good in fighting off heart diseases and reducing risk of cancer in your children. They help in protecting the children from various common infections and diseases, are good for skins and gums as well.

Now you have a handful of information on some of the common fruit health benefits for your children. Armed with these you can now chalk out healthy diet plans for your children that will be rich in fruits content. So, go ahead and ensure that you derive the most of the fruit health benefits that will make your children healthy, happy and hearty.

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Last couple of decades has been a revelation to many of us in terms of health and fitness with so much focus by the media on this area. From your next door neighbor to your office colleague, everybody is thinking how to maintain healthy eating diets that will make them fighting fit. Also, by so much newsprint and web space being dedicated to the secrets of celebrities’ fitness, everyone wants to have a healthy and attractive body. And to have that, it is essential to maintain healthy eating diets. But most of us know what to eat to have a healthy body and mind. What we seldom come across is what should not be done to disturb your healthy eating diets.

Let’s see what are the things you should not eat in order to maintain healthy eating diets. And we will suggest some effective alternatives as well!

Stop Eating Fried Food: Frying of foods not only loses some of the vital nutrients, but you also consume a lot of oil that is harmful for your body. Try to eat boiled, baked or steamed food. These are healthy alternatives for fried foods. So get rid of the fried chicken legs, French fries, pizzas and potato chips. Instead snack on dry fruits, biscuits, corn flakes etc.

Minimize Eating Sugary Foods: Foods containing lots of sugar are high on calories. These foods contain very low quantity of vital nutrients that can be used by your body. Cakes, pastries, ice creams, chocolates, flavored drinks etc. are example of such sugary foods. Get rid of these and instead have natural fruit juices, sugar-free cakes, flavored yoghurts etc.

Eating Less Salty Foods: This should be a part of healthy eating diets. Salt contains sodium which is responsible for inducing blood pressure in your body. Also, almost all fast foods and ready-to-eat foods contain salt. So, if you want to consume less salt, you need to avoid these foods. Don’t assume that putting less salt in the food you prepare will solve your problems, unless you dump that fast food.

Try Avoiding Foods that are High in Fat: Primarily there are two types of fats – saturated and non-saturated. Consumption of saturated fat can create heart problems and also increase your blood pressure. Prefer eating chicken or fish than other types of meat. Fish, fish oil, almonds etc. that contain non-saturated fats can be a part of your healthy eating diets plan.

It is Better for your Health to have Local and Organic Foods: The closer the source of food is, the better it retains its vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals and freshness. So if possible you can buy food from the farmer’s markets that usually sells fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, try not to keep these refrigerated for long. If possible, it is always better to buy in lesser quantity and replenish, rather than buying in bulks and storing it. Similarly, the lesser you eat canned foods, the better it is for your health.

Try to reduce Consumption of Alcohol, Tea, Coffee etc.: High consumption of any of these, particularly alcohols, are not good for your health as it may induce heart and liver related diseases. Alternatively you can try green tea or herbal tea that are high in anti-oxidants and help in fighting growth of cancerous cells in human bodies.

So, now you have all the information on maintaining healthy eating diets at your finger tips. You just need to follow these. Couple these with proper exercises and getting that fabulous celebrity body won’t seem to be a distant dream anymore!

What to eat and when to eat? This is a question that baffles most of us. We have a natural desire to be healthy and look better. But for this we need to follow certain healthy eating guidelines. Most of the health experts are unanimous on one fact that our diet should be balanced consist of variety of nutrients and should be in moderation.

So, here are five healthy eating guidelines for you. Follow these while enjoying your foods and you will be pleased to see the difference in you.

Start the Day with a Healthy Breakfast: Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is absolutely essential. Often we skip breakfast because we need to rush to our work or school. And there are some people who think skipping a breakfast is a good measure to control weight. But on the contrary a good breakfast gives you the energy to start the day on a positive note. It also prevents you from starving till lunch. Most importantly, it keeps you away from snacking because the more you starve, the more you eat. And that ultimately leads to weight gain. Ideally your breakfast should contain at least three food groups. For instance, a bowl of whole grain cereal with milk and some blueberries or eggs can be eaten.

Spoil Yourself with Variety of Foods:You should focus on healthy eating diets that consist of all the five food groups in variation. Whole grain foods like bread and cereals are compulsory. Your diet should have a combination of fruits, vegetable and dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt etc. If you are a non-vegetarian choose between meat, fish or poultry products for proteins. For vegetarians – soya beans, grams, nuts or seeds are good source of proteins.

Eating on Regular Intervals does Help: Gone are the days when eating three square meals was the norm. Most of the studies have proved that your healthy eating guidelines make it essential for you to have five to six meals per day. Each of these meals should be evenly spaced out throughout the day so that your body is not starved at any point of time. This regulates the metabolism in the body and also provides you with constant source of energy.

Snack it out in a Balanced Way: Some of us think that having snacks in between meals doesn’t fall under healthy eating guidelines. That is a wrong notion. You can always eat snacks, but in moderation. So one day if you eat snacks that are high in fat, salt or sugar, the next day try to eat foods that have less of these. Don’t feel guilty while eating pies, chocolates, chips or ice-creams. Eating these sometimes is not harmful, but over-indulgence is.

Constant Hydration is Necessary: Keep your body hydrated throughout the day by having plenty of water. Water flushes out the toxins from the body, is good for nutrition and skin. Water is a source of oxygen to the body and helps in burning out the fat to provide us with constant energy. Drinking at least eight glasses of water daily is recommended.

So, follow these five healthy eating guidelines and you are going to benefit a lot. But make sure that you enjoy eating your food. After all, you can reap the benefits of these healthy eating diets only if you have fun eating them.

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A great deal has been written about how to build a healthy kid by giving him the right kind of diet and supplements. However, there are other aspects to consider as well when talking about a kid’s health problem. And that starts with the basics of parenting and then goes forward. Let us see how.

Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy may cause the fetus to develop a syndrome called Fetus alcohol syndrome, in which there may be physical, mental and behavioral problems.

Always place the child on his back when sleeping. This is a precautionary step to avoid suffocation of the child.

Breast feeding a baby, if viable, ensures that it is receiving all the required nutrients. It protects the child from acquiring any form of bacterial infections.

Growing children need lots of encouragement from you. Give the kid compliments on doing an activity that is difficult for him/her. This will give him/her a moral boost and help to achieve new goals.

Physical exercise is a must for growing kids. Encourage them to play outside for sometime daily. Doing this will build character, and will not leave him an introvert. It also allows him to show off his skills as a sportsman.

To avoid concussion, or any such major damages, make sure that your child wears a helmet and his protection gear at all times while riding or skate boarding.

Impart the importance of brushing and maintaining healthy gums at all times. Bring him into a routine of brushing at least twice daily. A regular visit to a dentist is important, to ensure your child’s dental health.

Washing Hands Rises Cleanliness in Kids

Unclean hands often lead to illness. Therefore, make it a daily habit to check on the cleanliness of your child’s hands. Washing his hands after coming back from outside, or before and after food is important. Your child needs to be explained about its importance.

The next point is about food habits. It is important that you follow a healthy eating pattern at home. In doing so you train your child to eat healthy and stay fit. Help him choose the right kind of nutritious food and prepare a special meal for him few times a week. That way, your child will not be bored of eating the mundane food items daily.

Be aware of the allergies or illnesses that your child is prone to. Overlooking such matters may be hazardous. Discuss with your pediatrician for solutions to these problems.

Pets Can Make Kids More Responsible

And last but not the least, if your child is eager for a pet, and you have the convenience, then let him have one. A pet can not only be a companion for your child, but also teach him responsibilities. This is also an important part of character building.

Tags: diet, eat healthy, food habits, healthy gums, healthy kid, supplements One Comment

Are Vitamin Supplements for Kids Safe

A vitamin is a group of organic substances that should be taken in small quantity, and is essential for certain body functions.

In the modern world, it is common for any individual to suffer from vitamin deficiency. It is primarily due to the deteriorating condition of food quality available today. This type of deficiency is more common amongst kids, as they are very choosy about their food. It is impossible to feed a child with all types vitamin rich vegetables and fruits. To overcome this condition, many parents are giving vitamin supplements to their kids. However, it must be understood, that every child may have a different requirement in terms of vitamins. So, it is unwise to follow example of a friend or neighbor and start giving your kid a vitamin that he/she does not need.

Now are vitamin supplements for kids safe? This question arises in the minds of the parents. How to decide if a kid is deficient or not? What are the different vitamins available, and what purpose do they serve? All these questions are valid and need to be answered. So let’s have a look.

There are in total 6 basic categories in vitamin. All of them have different functions when taken individually or in combination, and available from different sources. The names, basic functions and source for each are:

Vitamin A: Improves eyesight and maintains healthy skin tone.

Source: Eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables

Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12: Energy generation and assists in red blood cells formation.

Source: Whole grains, fish, leafy vegetables and dairy products

Vitamin C: Strengthens muscles and gums. Heals wounds, and also shields against infections

Source: Citrus fruits, tomatoes, broccoli cabbage etc.

Vitamin D: Helps in calcium absorption by the bones, strengthens teeth and bones

Source: Fish, egg yolk and dairy products

Vitamin E: Formation of red blood cells, and protection of the lungs

Source: Whole grains, leafy vegetables, egg yolk, nuts etc

Vitamin K: Helps in blood clotting in case of injuries

Source: Leafy vegetables and dairy product

Looking at the list makes one thing clear that, not all children are eager to drink their share of milk and eat their vegetables. That is where vitamin supplements help. They fill up the gap that is left in the daily vitamin need of the body, and are safe. However, excess intake of vitamins may cause vitamin toxicity, which is harmful for kids. Therefore, when giving your child any supplements, you should read the recommended dosage on the label of the pack. In case your kid is allergic to any form of supplements, then it becomes mandatory for you to consult your physician.

It is important to be aware of the quality of the supplements while buying them. Research a little into the types available in the market before purchasing. To make it fun for your children, you make choose to buy vitamins that are chewable, rather than buying capsules and liquid. Some are also available in the flavors of lollipops or gummy bears.

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About Us KidsHealth is more than just the facts about health. As part of The Nemours Foundation’s Center for Children’s Health Media, KidsHealth also provides families with perspective, advice, and comfort about a wide range of physical, emotional, and behavioral issues that affect children and teens.

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Treatment of the breast cancer: a new progress

Treatment of the breast cancer: a new progressBy adminPublished: 2009年11月16日Posted in: Health NewsTags: Illnesses Comments [0]Digg it!Facebook

Several teams of the hospital Saint-Louis, animate by the Pr Hugues of Tea, put in evidence, to the terms of near 10 years of work, the role fundamental of a gene key in the treatment of the breast cancer. The survey shows that a certain type of chemotherapy is only efficient if a gene (the gene p53) is deactivated. This gene could become therefore a precious indicator for the choice of a treatment by chemotherapy.

Our results are very encouraging and constitute an important element in the understanding of the breast cancer and the improvement of his/her/its treatment, commented the Pr Hugues of Tea.

Let\’s recall that with more of 40 000 new cases per year, the breast cancer is the most frequent shape of cancer in France.

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The Importance Of Exercise in Children Healthy Kids

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor”s book

The Importance Of Exercise in Children

So you have chalked out healthy eating guidelines for your children and it has already started showing results. But have you ever wondered that along with healthy eating diets, how much important is it for your children to have a structured exercise regime? In today’s world where children have to survive in a highly competitive and stressful environment, the relationship between exercise and children needs to be taken seriously. Exercises for children are absolutely essential for their overall physical and mental growth.

Exercise Keeps A Child Fit And Fine

Children who exercise regularly have improved physical fitness, higher level of confidence, higher level of energy and have much better memory than their counterparts who do not exercise. The importance of exercises in children can be only judged by the health benefits that are derived from them. So, let’s discuss the exercise health benefits for children.

1. Children who exercise have stronger immunity and their body’s ability to fight off diseases improves vastly. Most children who regularly exercise are less prone to common children’s health issues like coughs and colds, fevers, allergies etc.

2. Another exercise health benefits in children are reduction of Type 2 Diabetics because of increasing insulin sensitivity and improving of the carbohydrates metabolism.

3. Exercises also help to maintain balanced blood pressure level in the children. Additionally, it has been observed that exercises in children help in improving their cholesterol profile as well.

4.  Most children who exercise have stronger cardio vascular system owing to higher pumping activities of the heart. And stronger and healthy heart right from the childhood reduces the chances of heart ailments later in life.

5.  Of the numerous exercise health benefits, development of stronger bones, joints and muscles structure in children are of significant importance. This actually helps them in the long run and reduces chances of orthopedics problems a lot when they grow up.

Exercise Is A Great Way To Keep Health Ailments Away

6. Exercises in children can keep away one of the most common children’s health issues in recent times, obesity. As exercises help in burning calories in the bodies, children who exercise regularly are able to reduce body fat and also have controlled weights.

7. Another exercise health benefits in children is increasing blood flow to all the tissues in the body that includes the brain as well. Greater blood flow supplies more oxygen and nutrients to the cells in the children’s bodies. This makes the children more energized.

8. Greater blood flows also lead to higher rate of metabolism in the children’s bodies resulting in detoxification and in the process make the children much fitter. Also, exercises in children increase their breathing and sweating that is again responsible for detoxification as well.

9. Those children who exercise have enhanced brain metabolism which is largely responsible for better brain functions and increased memory.

10. Routine exercises regimes in children help them to concentrate much better in schools and all other activities.

11. There are several studies that substantiate the fact that the children who exercise have decreased level of anxieties, depressions and mood swings. Also exercise enhances their quality of sleep.

Sound Sleep Is Bound To Happen After Exercising

12. Children who exercise have higher self confidence, are more optimistic and have greater self esteem. Since their endurance level increase due to exercises, these children are better equipped to overcome difficulties and challenges in life and supposedly have more positive outlook towards life.

By now you must be fully aware of the relationship between exercise and children. So, if your children are not into any form of exercises, remember they are losing out on all the exercise health benefits. And being responsible parents your objective will definitely be to let your children grow into healthy, active and fit individuals, ready to take on the world!

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Health Tips » healthy habits

Health Tips » healthy habits

Tue, 13 Nov 2012 11:50:26 +0000en-UShourly1 to Make Your Health a Habit Advice from Sanford, 30 Jun 2012 17:08:06 +0000Bharath With such hectic schedules, often fitting in healthy habits is too much of a hassle. However, keeping up with your health should be a priority. Even when making it one, many will fail at their efforts after less than …Read more »]]>Doctors

With such hectic schedules, often fitting in healthy habits is too much of a hassle. However, keeping up with your health should be a priority. Even when making it one, many will fail at their efforts after less than month. When trying to form a new habit the first few days are critical. Skipping a day isn’t detrimental while still forming the habit, but it can be in the very beginning. Keep in mind that it can take months to make a new behavior a habit. Sticking to your plan is key. Here are some tips from Sanford Doctors on making your health a habit.

Exercise is one of the best ways to get fit and keep up good health both mentally and physically. Yet exercise seems so hard to fit into our busy lives. Pick a consistent time of day that you’re able to workout and always go then. Before or after work generally works best. Setting a reminder on your calendar can help keep you on track with this! Even if it is the same time every day, writing it down in your schedule makes you more committed to actually going since you’ve already dedicated that time to your workout over other activities.

Walking is a wonderful form of exercise that requires little effort. Take the stairs rather than the elevator, park a little further away, or take a short walk for some fresh air on your lunch break. Fresh air and a little exercise is always beneficial to your health and finding the time for a walk isn’t difficult. Try finding a time, like after dinner, where you can fit in a quick walk and take advantage of it every day.

It’s no secret that water is a great way to stay healthy and hydrated. The temptation to drink something sugary and caffeinated is understandable however. Our advice is to remove the temptation. Soda is expensive so save yourself the cash and just don’t buy it. This goes for eating out too! If you insist on needing one to get through the day then consider only keeping one soda in your refrigerator and in your sight at a time. This can help limit your consumption.

Start stocking up on some healthy snacks like fruit, vegetables, tuna with crackers, turkey jerky, or cheese sticks to name a few. Also consider trading in high-sugar products for low-sugar ones. If there’s a healthier option buy that instead. Keeping good foods around you at home and on the go will help force you to eat better.

Schedule a time once a week to sit down and actually plan your meals for the week. Make sure it’s realistic and that you actually will have the time and energy to make them. Picking complicated recipes is setting yourself up for failure. Find some simple healthy recipes, pack lunches the night before, and cook more than you need. If you do cook more food than needed at one time only serve yourself a normal portion and freeze or refrigerate the rest. This gives you a quick and simple meal for later making it easier to resist an unhealthy snack or fast food meal.

Get on a Regular Sleep Schedule

The benefits of a full nights rest are countless. Increased productivity, cognitive skills, creativity, and better health just to name a few. Many, however, aren’t getting a full eight hours or even close. Making your sleep schedule a habit can help with this. Always go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time. Such consistency may be difficult at times so deviating from your schedule once and awhile won’t sabotage your sleep completely, but trying to keep it regular is important. Keep an alarm set for both when you should go to sleep to remind you of bedtime and another for when you need to wake up.

Most people only go and see a doctor when something is wrong. When you wait until there is already a problem however treating that problem can become more difficult. The main benefit of check-ups is early detection of health problems. On top of that ,your doctor has a much better medical history on you and a stronger patient-doctor relationship often resulting in better care. Schedule regular check ups with an internal medicine specialist and go. In order to make it a habit be sure you schedule your next appointment before leaving your internists office.

The Human Anatomy Human anatomy organs

In order to get your phlebotomy certification, you will have to complete a phlebotomy training course. This training is usually a prerequisite to any type of certification in phlebotomy, and is often a requirement in order to be employed as a phlebotomist at many hospitals. Phlebotomy training may be slightly different depending on where you receive your training, but there are many basic concepts that are the same. Here is a general guide to what you can expect to learn in most phlebotomy training courses.

Since the large majority of hospitals use computers to keep track of all of their important data, most phlebotomists are required to have some amount of computer training. This training may include entering data, keeping track of reports, or updating a patient’s history file.

Since a hospital is a professional environment, most phlebotomists are required to exhibit professional behavior. This includes behaving appropriately around patients, and refraining from participating in behavior that makes patients uncomfortable. In addition to this, professional behavioral training may also help to teach a student how to interact with difficult patients.

In order to be a phlebotomist, you need to be comfortable with many different types of laboratory equipment. This also includes being well-versed in laboratory safety procedures. It may occur that you are required to clean up a potentially hazardous spill in the lab, and it’s essential that you have the knowledge to do so safely.

Depending on the specific patient, you will need to know how to best collect a blood sample. For example, collecting a blood sample from a significantly obese person will require a different approach than collecting a blood sample from a small child. It’s important that you are aware of these procedures, and how to approach each patient with a method that will keep the blood collection process as quick and painless as possible.

Though not a requirement in all phlebotomy training programs, some courses require you to become certified in CPR. Knowing CPR can help you to act quickly in case of an emergency situation, or may give you the skills to aid a patient in distress until help arrives.

Most phlebotomy training courses also include classes that focus on providing knowledge of human anatomy. Since you will be dealing with veins, it’s important that you are aware of how the circulatory system functions, as well as where you have the best chance of collecting a sample. In addition to this, human anatomy also covers the skeletal system, the muscular system, the urinary tract, the respiratory system, the lymphatic system and other essential bodily systems.

In order to understand how blood may be affected by pathogens, it’s also very important for a phlebotomist to understand the components of a blood sample. It may occur that you are required to take a blood sample from an individual with an infectious disease, so it’s important to understand how their blood sample will be affected.

Adam Davies is the creator of Phlebotomy Certification, one of the only sites online currently devoted to teaching you all about getting certified as Phlebotomist. The site will teach you all about phlebotomy training, and plenty of other helpful information.

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