Weight Loss Kit for Dummies

The book is a good attempt to discuss nutrition and weight loss but over-simplifies the complexities of metabolism into a simple formula: Calories ingested – calories expended = net calories (used from fat if negative, gained as fat if positive), for every 3,500 calories lost that is one pound. Ah, if life was that simple!

First, not everyone uses calories the same way. If they did, you would not have people converting food into fat at different proportions relative to each other. Some people make and store fat easier than others. Some people have slower metabolisms, others faster. Individual differences are not considered in detail.

Second, excess intake is not considered when estimating the benefits of reducing calories. For example, if I eat 100 calories fewer per day, I am not going to necessarily going to loose a pound in 35 days. If I regularly eat an excess of 500 calories per day and eat 100 fewer calories then I simply gain weight at a slower rate, I do not loose any. Moreover, this math assumes intake and calories expended and metabolic rate are consistent over these 35 days. Not so in real life.

I hoped for more mechanistic theory about when and how various calorie sources are used. How does eating protein versus simple carbs versus complex carbs versus fats at night affect my metabolism when I am sleeping? Eating fruit before bed causes a lower waking blood sugar that not eating fruit before bed. Eating protein before bed influences the body to prioritize rebuilding muscle while I sleep, whereas fats and complex carbs influence energy storage as either fats or glycogen or both.

I got a little tired of the joking and sarcastic humor by the first half of the book and annoyed by it towards the end of the book.

All the good things state below are all still true! These are my only criticisms.

For a very good understanding of nutrition and metabolism, check out “understanding nutrition” Whitney and Rolfes

Rating: 3 / 5

Liposuction Brisbane – Aiding With the

Liposuction Brisbane – Aiding With the Problem Locations

Fat is most likely on the list of most significant frustrations inside the total entire world. If you have actually experimented with to get rid of weight you realize this. Some places the unwanted fat just appears to melt from. Other locations it seems just like the fat has taken root and it has decided that there’s nothing at all you can do to get rid of it. Diet program and exercising operate fantastic specifically on easy to workout locations like the abdomen, arms and legs. But what about the butt or even the chin, individuals areas aren’t simple to operate out. Or let us say the hips, many people have fatty hips. When you have performed everything you can to rid oneself of such problematic locations you then may possibly wish to contemplate liposuction Brisbane.

Liposuction Brisbane is surely an simple method to rid oneself of the fat deposits in certain areas of your respective body. Although it is not safe to get rid of too many excess fat cells from any give region of your physique it surely is protected and frequent practice to remove several of the excess cells from beneath your skin. There exists naturally the debate above regardless of whether or not the body fat cells can return to this area but sufficed to say that if you stick with your new more healthy routines you shouldn’t see these regions ballooning back up with body fat.

So how does liposuction Brisbane in fact work? Even though there are many strategies the most common method can be a mix of laser and suction. Your medical professional will make an extremely tiny incision by which he’ll insert a little tube. This tube is going to be outfitted that has a small laser on it which will melt the body fat. The tube will then vacuum out the liquefied body fat cells, hence getting rid of excess fat in the area in question. You are going to be freed from excessive accumulation in these regions.

Even though it’ll ultimately give you that smooth svelte appear you’ve been dreaming of, don’t anticipate to leave your liposuction Brisbane therapy looking wonderful. You’ll be getting something inserted into the skin, there will be swelling and bruising for a couple of weeks. If you’re acquiring it carried out with your legs you may discover that it is tender to wander. For those who have it completed with your abdomen then it might be tough to stand up directly to get a number of days.

Soon after the swelling subsides and the bruises go away you are going to be pleased with all the results. liposuction Brisbane is not a repair all for all you excess fat problems but I may help you win the battle over a location or two that might have provided you trouble. If you’re uncertain of how much is safe to get rid of or how many treatments you are going to require, speak to the plastic surgeon. You may be in a position to accomplish in excess of you think in case you are ready to possess more techniques done than simply a single.

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Health and Safety Tips:Women’s Safety Tips – Dating Nightmares and How to Avoid Them – Safe Dating Tips For Women

Dating nightmares not only include disease, unwanted pregnancy, rape and domestic abuse but assaults on your self-esteem and emotional and mental well-being. Most of the deep scars we have from past relationships are not physical. So knowing the how to pick the right people to date is vital! We all have stories about the date that went bad or the guy who never called back even though we really hit it off. We wonder what we did wrong, what we could have done differently, why he didn’t like us. Was it something we said or did? Was it what we wore or that we were too forward or not forward enough? What if he was just the wrong person? What if what we did wrong was pick him to go out with in the first place? Or what if we didn’t pick him at all but rather went because he picked us? Is that dangerous? Absolutely, and I’ll tell you how to avoid it!
Three Safe Dating Tips For Women:
* Healthy Self-Esteem – you are already complete so looking for someone to “complete you” is just a romantic (yet pathetic) line in a movie.
* Trust Your Gut Feelings – these will always lead you the right way and it doesn’t matter if they make sense at the time or not.
* Personal Boundaries – establish and enforce these or you will continue down the road of dating nightmares!
Doing one, two or all three of these will change your dating life (and non-dating life) tremendously! I know because I’ve been there and my poor decisions took me down the road of rape and domestic violence. Pay attention to someone who’s been there so you never have to be! Women, defend and protect your mental and emotional well-being and prevent dating nightmares by dating the right men instead of just “men” and share these safe dating tips with women you care about.
Bonus Safety Tip: Healthy men find confidence the most attractive thing about a woman; weak men find insecurity most attractive. And now I would like to offer you free access to printed and audio versions of the “Seven Deadly Personal Safety Mistakes” plus 2 additional bonuses when you subscribe to my free weekly Safety Quick Tips; a 52 week newsletter on Personal Safety. You can get your instant access (and a sample Safety Quick Tip) at http://www.PersonalSafetyTrainer.com

Source: http://EzineArticles.com/

Hawaiian Vacation Packages: What To Consider When Choosing One

If you’re anything like me, you love to get away from it all and forget all of the pressures of your daily life by relaxing on a tropical island. There is really nothing better than lying back in the sun listening to the waves against the beach. The only problem here is that an island getaway can be pretty expensive. No matter which island you have your sights set on; it is an expensive proposition if you don’t know how to bargain shop for these vacations. Me, I’m a natural at this – I look online for Hawaiian vacation packages.

There are lots of ways to see the glorious islands of Hawaii. I could opt to stay in a single resort the entire visit and allow myself to be pampered and treated to a whole host of resort amenities. I could take a cruise around the islands that would allow me to see most of Hawaii while only having to pack and unpack once during the whole getaway. Pr, I could simply enjoy fine dining and entertainment aboard the cruise ship as we sailed from port to port. The point is that there are a bunch of different Hawaiian vacation packages to choose from, so putting together a memorable experience is easy.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online travel agencies that offer competitive prices on Hawaiian vacation packages, making the holiday of my dreams as affordable as possible. For example, air travel to Hawaii is obviously the most expensive component of the trip, but ticket prices become far more reasonable when they’re part of an entire Hawaiian vacation package. Then when rental car and hotel discounts are added to the picture, the deal becomes even sweeter.

In my own experience, I’ve found it’s better to go into this knowing what I want to do during my vacation before I go looking for a vacation package – this affects the type of Hawaiian vacation package that I end up going for. Would I rather lay on the beach or go hopping from island to island? See the sights? Enjoy cultural events? There are discounts, coupons and more available for any of these activities and many more besides. All of these can be found as part of Hawaiian vacation packages.

Personally, I think it’s better to decide how you want to spend your time on the Hawaiian islands before you go shopping for a Hawaiian vacation package. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for as you shop. Do you want to lie on the beach? Go island hopping? Partake in cultural events? All off this and more are available at a deep discount when you go for a complete Hawaiian vacation package from a travel agency.

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Blueberries for Anti-Aging Think Healthy’s Blog

Natural Health and Anti Aging Tips

Blueberries are delicious and most people love eating them. They have less sugar content than other fruits but still taste great.

 If you can get fresh blueberries then be sure to enjoy them.  

 Antioxidant rich foods are important for cognitive functions and blueberries are at the top of the list.

 Blueberries contain antioxidants called phytochemicals and anthocyanins that can improve heart and brain health while fighting against cancer.

 This humble berry is believed to contain unknown chemicals that fight memory decline and improve brain functions.

 Another benefit is that blueberries can reduce belly fat and help prevent diabetes.

 In studies, rats that were fed blueberry compounds grew new neurons and improved their memories.

 This humble berry is one of the super foods that nature has provided for us. They taste great and it may be hard to believe that they can also be so good for us.

 If you combine a healthy diet that includes antioxidant rich foods such as blueberries with exercise then you are well on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Now if you cut back on sugar and grains you can see spectacular improvements.

 Forget about all the processed and junk food and grab a handful of wholesome goodness instead. You can’t go wrong with organic blueberries.

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A Small Step can Lead to Larger Ones

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Fish Oil: Use it or Lose it

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Just in 7 Days Will Fade Pain in the Spine, Legs, Joints

Health experts say a major impact on the appearance of pain in the back, legs and joints have improper posture, so the first advice is to correct posture, at least it is not difficult.

The following recipe will help to ease pain and strengthen bones. If you suffer from back pain, pain in the joints, legs and neck, then this recipe is perfect for you.

Take 150 g gelatin that can be found in every store. In the evening, mix two tablespoons gelatin (5 g), with a quarter cup of cold water and leave overnight in the refrigerator. Gelatin will turn into jelly.

In the morning, drink mix ace something Mostly suits (eg, juice, yogurt, milk or tea).

Gelatin helps with joint pain, back pain, pain in the joints, legs and neck, and after a week of treatment, the situation will improve significantly.

Treatment should last a month, half a year to be repeated. This will restore the natural “lubricating” the joints.

Why is gelatin is good for the joints?

Gelatin is a product of natural origin. It is produced by the process of processing bone, tissue and cartilage of goods. Proline and hydroxyproline are powerful amino acids that are found in gelatin, which stimulates growth and improving the structure of connective tissue, which is necessary in the treatment of joints and bones.

Gelatin is a high-quality light and provides a wide range of health benefits:

– Strengthens joints and heart
– Accelerates metabolism
– Improves mental ability
– Improves complexion
– Gives elasticity, strengthens tendons and ligaments
– Prevents osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
– Improves skin and hair

Hot Flash Natural Remedy – The Amazing Benefits of a European Herb is Confirmed Clinical Studies.

Hot Flash Natural Remedy – The Amazing Benefits of a European Herb is Confirmed Clinical Studies.

Article by Harlan Mittag

The extract of a specific subspecies of rhubarb root, called Siberian rhubarb root has been used in Germany to provide effective relief of hot flashes, sweats and other menopausal related complaints since 1993.Four different clinical studies published in recognized medical journals (Menopause (2006, 2007 and Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine 2008, 2009) have now been published on the herbal extract. These studies confirm the benefits of Siberian rhubarb root extract (called ERr 731 by researchers). The herb has only recently become available in the United States (2009).Here are summaries of the four clinical studies, all showing Siberian rhubarb root extract to be very effective in the relief of hot flashes and night sweats.Clinical study #1 (reported in Menopause, 2006):109 symptomatic perimenopausal women received either ERr731 or placebo. After 4 weeks the group receiving ERr731 showed significant improvement in the 11 common menopausal complaints on the Menopause Rating Scale.at four weeks there was a significant lessening of the severity and number of hot flasheswomen taking ERr731 reported significantly less anxiety and improved moodsat 12 weeks the group taking ERr731 showed significant improvement in vasomotor [hot flashes], psychosocial [anxiety, mood, depression], physical and sexual scores on the Menopause-Specific Quality of Life assessment.Clinical Study #2 (reported in Menopause(2), 2009):This study continued to follow the results experienced by subjects in Clinical Study #1 above. 80 of the subjects in study #1 were followed for an additional 108 weeks (for more than two years). The study showed that long term use of ERr731 resulted in sustained relief of menopausal complaints. By the end of the study women taking ERr731 reported an average of not more than 2 slight hot flashes per day.Clinical Study #3 (reported in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine(3), 2008):In this study 252 perimenopausal and menopausal women being seen through 70 gynecological practices were given ERr731 for 6 months. Women received varied doses of ERr731, most receiving one tablet daily. The study found that most of the women in the study experienced significant relief of menopausal symptoms taking just one tablet daily. Symptoms were evaluated using the Menopause Rating Scale. The average total score dropped from 14.5 points to 6.5 points, or more than 50%.Clinical Study #4 (reported in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine(4), 2009):In this study 112 perimenopausal women with symptomatic complaints were given one tablet of ERr731 daily. After 12 weeks the women experienced a significant drop in the number of hot flashes, from a median of 12 to 2. Women with more severe hot flashes tended to experience the greatest benefit from ERr731. This drop in the number of hot flashes is comparable to that reported for women taking an ultra low dose of hormone replacement therapy. The women taking ERr731 in this study also experienced improvement in the 10 other categories of the Menopause Rating Scale as well. The 11 categories of the Menopause Rating Scale are:hot flushes and sweatingheart complaintssleep disturbancesdepressive moodirritabilityanxietyphysical and mental exhaustionsexual problemsurinary tract complaintsvaginal drynessjoint and muscle problemsRecent studies of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have raised even more questions about the safety of traditional hormone prescriptions. HRT is now associated with increased risk for breast cancer and heart disease.Siberian rhubarb root extract to the rescue. Fortunately clinical studies are confirming the benefits of a natural herbal remedy for hot flashes, sweats and other menopausal symptoms that is safe.Information on how to purchase Siberian rhubarb root extract can be found here.Siberian rhubarb root extract is easy and convenient to take. The clinical studies referred to above found that 4 milligrams daily of the extract provided the reported benefits. This is just one small tablet which is taken daily in the morning with breakfast for long lasting hot flash natural and safe relief.In clinical studies of most hot flash natural remedies like soy, flax seeds and black cohosh, relief of hot flashes and sweats has not been consistent. At best hot flashes have been reduced a maximum of 45%. As a hot flash natural remedy which reduces hot flashes and night sweats by 72%, Siberian rhubarb root extract far exceeds the benefit of other herbal remedies.

About the Author

For more information on how to relieve hot flashes and night sweats without drugs visit http://hotflashessweats.net. Natural relief of hot flashes and night sweats is available in the form of a simple supplement that you take each morning. This supplement is completely natural and has been shown to provide safe and effective relief of hot flashes and night sweats.

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Women”s Health and Wellbeing Products


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Dog Hygiene Basics

  • Conditions & Disabilities
  • Aids & HIV
  • Mouth & Dental Disorders
  • Sexual Diseases
  • Health Insurance
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Medicinal Herbs
  • Physical Therapy
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Sports Medicine
  • Menstruation Pain
  • Smoking Cessation

Giving your dog a bath is important, but not as critical as most people seem to believe. If your dog is healthy, he really doesn?t need to be bathed more that once every few months, but most of us put them in the tub or under the hose more often to get rid of that doggie smell and look shinier. Although most dogs do not enjoy getting a bath, it is a good bonding experience. They will appreciate the contact and attention they get from their owner.

This is also an excellent time to do some other required "maintenance" tasks that we often forget about, such as ear cleaning, brushing their teeth, and checking for fleas and ticks. It is much easier to do all these things at once since most dogs don?t enjoy sitting through these activities for very long.

Let?s go into further detail about these maintenance tasks to make sure your dog stays healthy and happy for a long time.

To clean your dog?s ears, check your local pet store for special solutions designed specifically for this purpose. It is common for dogs to attract ear mites, which are small insects that live in the waxy secretions. As time goes by, the mite gets larger and you will start to notice a dirty black substance in your dog?s ear. Take a q-tip, dip it in the ear cleaning solution, and gently swab the entire ear. Your dog might squirm, but hold him down, because it won?t take long. And when you?re done, he?ll have clean ears and be much less likely to get earaches or infections.

One of the most overlooked maintenance tasks is brushing your dog?s teeth. Many dog owners only do this once or twice per year. Can you imagine how gross your mouth would feel if you didn?t brush for six months? Your dog feels the same way. It?s never too late to start doing this. You will need a special toothbrush and toothpaste designed for dogs. These are easily found in any pet store for under ten dollars. Be certain to brush the back teeth, and use small circular motions like your dentist used to tell you to do. This task will be easier than the ear cleaning, because the dog toothpaste is made to taste good. Your dog should enjoy the treat.

The last thing to check for is fleas and ticks. Ticks are nasty little bugs that dig themselves into your dog?s skin and live by sucking their blood. Be especially careful if you live near wooded areas where ticks are most common. However, no matter where you live, check for ticks often, because they carry several harmful diseases. Ticks are the transport method of Lyme Disease, which will slowly destroy your dog?s joints and suck out all his energy. Many dogs with Lyme Disease are in such pain that they need to be put down. So check often! Pay special attention to the most common hiding areas, which are under the collar or along the underbelly. If you find one, simply pull it off with tweezers.

Fleas aren?t as potentially harmful as ticks, but they are much more of a nuisance. If you don?t catch them quickly enough, your other pets can catch them, your kids can catch them, and you might have to get your home fumigated. You can find them under the fur, in the same places where ticks hang out. If you see little things that look like specks of pepper, those are flea droppings. The actual flea will be dark in color and about the size of a grain of rice. If you do find one, call your local vet?s office and ask about flea treatments.

Can I Improve Upon My Health Insurance Policy? Health Care Insurance HQ

Health Care Insurance HQ Your Coverage Specialists

Home / Health Insurance / Can I Improve Upon My Health Insurance Policy?

Can I Improve Upon My Health Insurance Policy?

If you do not have health insurance, you are taking a huge risk. You will have a large bill if something does happen. A broken bone, serious illness, or extensive trauma can result in very high medical bills. Having good health insurance coverage is important, and these tips can help you get the most coverage for your money.

Think about your familys health needs, including your own, when deciding which employer-sponsored health insurance plan to sign up for. You may not foresee any major health issues and therefore choose a plan with lower premiums. This will save you money in the short term, but may cost you if you have an accident or a medical issue appears later.

Every insurance policy is likely to have some loopholes in it. Carefully read your policy, so that you will not feel surprised if your insurance denies a claim. Be ready to take care of the cost for specific procedures and medications that insurance will not cover.

Regardless of the kind of health insurance coverage that you have, if you choose generic drugs, you will save money in your insurance. Only in rare cases will you not be able to receive generics, and multiple studies show that there is no difference in the drugs except for their brand name.

Read your health insurance policy thoroughly to discover which medications are eligible for coverage. The list changes yearly, so check when you re-enroll so that you wont be surprised when filling a prescription.

Remember that some insurance companies charge to carry a spouse on your insurance if they already can get health insurance through their job. Sometimes, it is less expensive for you and your spouse to have individual insurance through your own employers. Do the math on both scenarios to be sure.

In the end, it is cheaper if you have a group plan, that is why you have cheaper premiums if you work for someone. The best way to go about it is to join a trade organization that provides membership discounts in insurance premiums.

For those people who cannot afford regular health insurance but still want to be covered in a drastic incident, the best choice is catastrophic health coverage. Its also good to add it to your comprehensive policy as an added coverage in case of extreme circumstances.

Be sure to check all the facts when you are considering purchasing catastrophic health insurance. Make sure it covers the catastrophic events that youre worried about. Once you have selected the policy, you will need a HSA or Health Savings Account where you can make deposits to pay for your deductible should the worst happen.

If you are suffering from any disease or condition, make sure you find out what your health insurance company thinks of that! There are companies who will not insure you if there is a pre-existing condition involved and some charge outrageous fees for insuring someone with a pre-existing condition. You can get the best coverage at the lowest rate if you take the time to do some research.

If your information is not filled in properly, you might be refused claims or even be denied the ability to enroll in the plan to begin with. If you carefully scrutinize every form, you may be able to avoid this hassle.

One technique you can use to save on health-related costs is to request that your doctor double the dosage of any pill prescription being provided. Often, a larger pill does not cost double what a small one does; that way, youll get to save your money by buying with a longer-term period in mind. A pill splitter only costs a couple dollars, and you will recoup the cost quickly.

Health insurance is important because you never know what to expect. You can have an accident in your car or get very sick at any time. Compare a variety of insurance policies before you decide on the one that will best meet your needs.

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Your Health Insurance: Things To Consider

Insurance Tips You Cant Afford To Ignore

Can I Improve Upon My Health Insurance Policy?

How To Find Great Coverage And Save Money

Affordable Health Insurance Options Are Available

Dont Live Your Life Without Health Care, Tips For The Best Options!

The Guideline Below Will Be Able To Lead You In The Right Direction For You Health Insurance Needs

Best Advice For Those Looking For Health Insurance

How To Choose The Right Health Insurance

A Review Of Techniques In Managing Your Depression


Some people have a difficult time in managing their depression. Sometimes, their depression and fears can get best of them. As a result, here is a short list of techniques that a person can use to help manage their depression.

I was told by a counselor that one of the ways to manage depression is to challenge your negative thinking with positive statements and realistic thinking. When encountering thoughts that make your fearful or depressed, challenge those thoughts by asking yourself questions that will maintain objectivity and common sense. For example, your afraid that if you do not get that job promotion then you will be stuck at your job forever. This depresses you, however your thinking in this situation is unrealistic. The fact of the matter is that there all are kinds of jobs available and just because you don’t get this job promotion doesn’t mean that you will never get one. In addition, people change jobs all the time, and you always have that option of going elsewhere if you are unhappy at your present location.

Some people get depressed and have a difficult time getting out of bed in the mornings. When this happens, a person should take a deep breathe and try to find something to do to get their mind off of the problem. A person could take a walk, listen to some music, read the newspaper or do an activity that will give them a fresh perspective on things. Doing something will get your mind off of the problem and give you confidence to do other things.

Sometimes, we can get depressed over a task that we will have to perform in the near future. When this happens, visualize yourself doing the task in your mind. For instance, you and your team have to play in the championship volleyball game in front of a large group of people in the next few days.

Before the big day comes, imagine yourself playing the game in your mind. Imagine that your playing in front of a large audience. By playing the game in your mind, you will be better prepared to perform for real when the time comes. Self Visualization is a great way to reduce the fear and stress of a coming situation.

Another technique that is very helpful is to have a small notebook of positive statements that make us feel good. Whenever you come across an affirmation that makes you feel good, write it down in a small notebook that you can carry around with you in your pocket. Whenever you feel depressed, open up your small notebook and read those statements.

As a Layman and author of an anxiety book, I have done many interviews with various counselors in how to manage fear, anxiety and depression. The techniques that I have just covered are some basic ways to manage your depression, however your best bet is to get some help from a professional.