7 Home Remedies to Stop Drinking Alcohol

7 Home Remedies To Stop Drinking Alcohol

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Here are the home remedies to stop drinking alcohol. Alcoholism, a disease or an addiction. An addiction that turns into a disease. It brings you diseases like obesity, heart diseases, and other health ailments. Even if you do not drink on regular basis, you are likely to face disease like insomnia, nausea, headache, etc. Not Good.

It helps me forget about my problems.

I have fun when I drink.

It’s my way of relaxing and unwinding after a stressful day.

I’d feel better mentally and physically.

I’d have more time and energy for the people and activities I care about.

It has caused problems in my relationships.

I feel depressed, anxious, and ashamed of myself.

It gets in the way of my job performance and family responsibilities.

I’d have to find another way to deal with problems.

I’d lose my drinking buddies.

I would have to face the responsibilities I’ve been ignoring.

These are the things you need to pay as a smoker. After studying for the benefits and costs of not drinking, you will be part of millions of those who try to quit Alcoholism. If you have planned to quit drinking alcohol. We are here to help you.

7 Home Remedies to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Wines are made of grapes. This grape diet proves to be the best home remedy to quit smoking. You need to continue this diet for 25 days. Do not eat anything else. To prevent this cravings of alcohol, take this meal after 4 5 hours interval. This is going to prove a sure shot method as grape is the pure form of alcohol.

Another home remedy to stop drinking alcohol. Any type of juice like apple juice, pineapple juice can be consumed. If you are an alcoholic, drinking juice can prevent your alcohol craving. Drink juice for about 10 days and 11 th day, you stop missing alcohol.

Bitter gourd or its juice when taken on daily basis can help you prevent from kidney damage. Kidney is damaged by regular consumption of alcohol. Bitter gourd juice works well to cure kidney problems for other people too. Drink juice early morning each day.

Bitter gourd leaves helps to detoxify the body. To improve its taste you can add buttermilk to the juice.

Benefits of drinking water has been explained numerous times. But we usually overlook them, but drinking large amount of water is important to add to your schedule if you think of quitting alcohol habits. Drink at least 7 8 bottles of water each day. But do not drink more than 2 quarts on an hour.

Another method to help you. Consumption of alcohol on regular basis causes the deficiency of vitamin B into your body. Vitamin B present in fruits and veggies help you restore the content of vitamin and magnesium. They improve the health of your liver, kidneys and digestive tract.

A proven remedy in case of any health issues. Yoga has been practised from decades and the person who practices yoga are to live a better and healthy life. Adding yoga to your routine can help to keep your mind and body relaxed which in turn do not need alcohol. Learn yoga tips from an expert instead of trying on your own. Meditation too can help in this way.

Healthy diet like fruits and green vegetables which include, apple, date, carrot juice and nutrient supplements such as vitamin C, vitamin B complex, magnesium, selenium, zinc when added to your diet or daily routine can help you quit your smoking habits.

These are the best chosen healthy tips to quit smoking habits. Beside this they will help restore the magnesium and vitamin content you have lost from your body due to regular consumption of alcohol.

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