Profits With Chris - Moreniche Review - Discover This Interesting Affiliate Program

Profits With Chris - Moreniche Review - Discover This Interesting Affiliate Program

Moreniche Review - Discover This Interesting Affiliate Program

I found this Moreniche affiliate program via Google a few days ago and I’m quite surprised that I’ve never heard anyone talk about it, on Warrior Forum or Digitalpoint, for instance.

Moreniche are a kind of one stop shop. Not only do they provide the affiliate program but I think they also make or at least secure a good deal on a lot of the products.

And it’s not just information products either, in fact I think that pretty much nearly all of their products are actual real world goods - things such as weight loss pills, penis enlargement products and training programs and casino products.

The difference is, these do not look like the spam that fills your inbox every day - this is a seriously slick looking professional effort and I guess they are trying to redress the image of these products as serious high ticket items that can be promoted legitimately like anything else - and some of their affiliates are earning over ten grand a month, not to be scoffed at.

I can see the definite advantages with being with Moreniche.

They have some very high tickets items paying as much as $175 per sale.

They operate in high demand niches where people are “desperate” or want to make money.

As well as check, they also pay via electronic means such as wire and Epassporte.

They have a ton of resources such as brandable ebooks, flash movies, templates and your other regular stuff like banners and articles.

They will even do free hosting, custom headers, banners and site templates.

They have their own active community forum in which the site owners are also active.

You have all these products under one roof so that you don’t have to meet minimum payments of like 8 different companies before you see any cash.

It seems like they cater to the absolute beginner who has no money and no tools to start with, I wonder what you could do if you applied some serious marketing knowledge to push their products….

So, if you want to take a look around their site then you can click here: Moreniche.

Now I would love to get your opinion on it - have you heard of Moreniche or have you even promoted Moreniche products before? Would love to hear the good and the bad or the ugly.

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