federal north carolina health insurance law Articles

federal north carolina health insurance law Articles

Playing God at the FDA (Ludwig von Mises Institute)
In about every presidential administration for the last three decades the vile underbelly of an Executive-Branch organization spills out into the open.

North Carolina (Myrtle Beach Online)
Legislative researchers say that a bill that would offer in-state college tuition to some illegal immigrants could violate federal law.

Don Walton: Meatpacking challenges rural health care (Lincoln Journal Star)
The relatively new concentration of meatpacking plants in small towns has created a challenge for rural health care providers. That''s one of the least-publicized problems facing immigrant and migrant workers in Nebraska, an East Carolina University researcher says.

N.C. struggles to meet screening needs for development problems (News Observer)
RALEIGH, N.C. -- A flood of North Carolina children need to be screened for development problems because of new federal rules that expand service and a lack of money to pay for it.

State hit with class-action suit over ''temporary'' workers (BizJournals)
The state of North Carolina is facing a class-action lawsuit that alleges the state has violated its own regulations governing state workers by employing "temporary" workers on a long-term basis, while denying those workers employment benefits provided to other state workers.

BUILDER Online: Home Building News, Home Plans, Home Design Ideas and Building Products for Home Builders (Builder Online)
BUILDER Online provides home builders with home building news, home plans, home design ideas, and building product information, helping them manage their home building operations efficiently and profitably.

Wednesday Edition: The Selling of the Pope (Poynter Institute)
Meth mouth... Life insurance for guard troops... Rights of grandparents. Even before Pope John Paul II drew his final breath, vendors selling rosaries and candles and pope key-chains began setting up stands outside the gates of the Vatican.

Crunch may limit therapy for kids Aid for development delays falls short / New federal rules boost demand (News Observer)
When Brittany Johnson learned that her newborn daughter, Meg, had brain damage, she was able to quickly get her evaluated through services offered by Wake County and then referred to a physical therapist.

Welcome to Kohrdt County (Sacramento News & Review)
Who is Danny Kohrdt--and why is he buying up so much land? Danny Kohrdt has big plans for Butte County. He is going to pull the chronically depressed community out of its economic doldrums, protect the environment and provide some "intelligent growth" for a change.

Rural residents could lose home health aid (The Sacramento Bee)
One-year spending hike was incentive to back the Medicare drug bill. WASHINGTON - It was a classic Washington political deal, a mere $100 million, one-time, one-year inducement to rural members of Congress.