Chinese Weight Loss Tea Benefits

Chinese Weight Loss Tea Benefits

There is the general cnsensus among the public that Chinese herbal slimming tea is very good ailment not only for health but also for losing body fat. While there are various studies, lots unconclusive, about the health benefits of drinking chinese green tea, the truth is that it does seem to help with your health.

So, from where ti comes the belief that chinese green tea does help with weight loss? While it is truth that the ast majority of chinese population is slim, this might be attributed not only to drinking tea everyday, but also to thier diet.

There are many types of chinese teas, the most famous ones been green tea, black tea, oolong tea and jasmine tea. There are also lots of blends of these types of teas available on the market, the best known one been Tava Tea. The obvious question is which one is best to drink and how much you should drink to lose weight?

While most of people believe that green tea is the one with the best benefits to lose weight, this is actually not true. The best chinese teas for weight loss are Pu-erh Tea and Oolong Tea. Pu-erh tea has originated in Yunnan Province and it has a more earthy taste than Oolong Tea since it is brewed longer.

Pu-erh Tea does help with digesting fatty foods, hence help you reduce cholesterol levels and increase your metabolism. You should drink it throught the day, after meals. If you cannot sleep because of it, that means you drink too much of it and you are better reduce it. The best place to purchase it is in a chinese shop.

Oolong Tea is now much known to Western World for its weight loss properties. It burns 157% more fat than green tea does. It comes in different types, from bright green to dark leaves such as black tea, depending how long it has been brewed. If you want to lose your unwanted pounds ny drinking Oolong Tea you have to drink two cups of tea per day and find a very good quality tea. You may need to try several types until you find one that works best for losing weight or you could simply try some branded weight loss teas such as Tava Tea.