How to Treat Gout Naturally

How to Treat Gout Naturally

Our food intake determines our general body health. Too much of everything is bad. For example, coffee is said to have a positive result in our body. The studies show that a fair amount of coffee can decrease type II diabetes.

However, excess intake of caffeine can add and further aggravate harmful effects on our liver and colon. This said, what we eat determines our total health. To further state, any thing in excess is bad to our health.

This is also true with gout. Gout is arthritis to the advance level. One of the bad news about gout is that it can give you an unbearable pain. The concern now is how to treat gout.

Gout is the effect when a large amount uric acid is deposited in our blood. It clogged and therefore, causes great discomfort in our joint. One of the primary contributors of gout is substances called purines.

So, what can we do to address the concern on how to treat gout? Fortunately, we can cure gout even in the comforts of our home. There are natural ways to cure gout. All it takes is discipline, diligence and consistency.

Drink a lot of water. The standard water intake should be eight glasses of water each day. However, increase your water intake by ten to twelve glasses a day if you have gout. This will wash away the uric acid in your system. Further, there is no side effect on drinking water.

Maintain a healthy diet. Observing a healthy and balanced diet can cure a lot of health problems. Get a notepad and list down foods that contain purines.

The foods that have purines are these: Beer and other beverages that contain alcohol. Sardine in oil is also a no-no. Dried beans, peas and nuts are also not good for gout.

Other foods that contribute purines are those with meat extracts and gravies. Mushrooms, spinach and cauliflower should be avoided. Other foods that you should be warned of are pig’s heart, liver and spleen. Baker’s yeast is also included in the list.

Take Vitamins. Vitamins are created to boost our natural capabilities. It backs up our body so we could produce more. Vitamins can help our body battle the foreign contaminants like uric acid.

The best vitamin to take is Vitamin C. This will actually eliminate deposits of uric acid in our system. For gout, Vitamin C is the advisable.

You must exercise. Exercise boosts our energy. It also tones our muscle. Exercise is advisable for every one, with our without gout.

Exercise makes us sweat all over. It secrets those harmful elements and boosts our stamina as well. Learn to properly breathe in and breathe out.

Further, foods should be taken in moderate amount. This included foods that are not purines contributors. Too much weight can contribute to uric acid in your blood. More fat means more uric acid building in your blood.

So, how to treat gout? Gout is a health issue that can be addressed without any expensive gadgetry. However, it takes personal decision to do so. We must avoid the foods that is harmful in our body

It is difficult to just turn our back from those foods that had been part of our daily menu. However, think about this. Is sticking to unhealthy habits really worth of the unspeakable pain we bear during gout attack? You decide.

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