Thought for the Day: How Do You Break a Downward Spiral in Life?

Thought for the Day: How Do You Break a Downward Spiral in Life?

Thought for the Day: How Do You Break a Downward Spiral in Life?

A woman whom I’ll call Ange was having a rough life. she’s a highly educated person, a certified school teacher, and a person who wants to believe everything will work out.

After job hunting for months, and her self-confidence had taken numerous gut punches. She began feeling as if nobody wanted her. “I wonder who will be desperate enough to hire me?” she moaned.

Since she complained to me and I have a no complaints zone, I asked her if she would be willing to allow me to help her shift her energy.

“I doubt it will help.”

Inspirational thoguhts banner for Thought for the Day: How do you break a downward spiral?
Inspirational thoguhts banner for Thought for the Day: How do you break a downward spiral?

Ah – the power of attitude! What one believes is what shows up in life. Her desperation was NOT likely to win her a job interview, much less a job..

Ange had been doing the right tasks, such as applying for jobs, having the right credentials and putting forth effort, but her attitude blocked her from receiving what she desired.

All she could see around her was what was WRONG. That alone was sufficient to shut her off from her divine Source and turn people away.

Ange had become a psychic drain whose negativity sucked the life out of any room she entered.

I put her on a “good news diet.”

Here are the “foods” I told her to eliminate.

  • looking at bad news.
  • complaining.
  • whining.
  • focusing on what is not wanted.
  • pity parties.
  • blaming
  • self-loathing
  • criticism of self
  • criticism of others
  • cyclical reruns of how life is bad
  • poverty thinking
  • saying “it’s hard”
  • fighting for limitations
  • seeking attention

All those are off-plan forever!

Every time she defended her negativity, I countered with a piece of good news, words of wisdom, and inspirational stories.

One time, I told her, “The more you fight what you do not want, the longer you’ll have it.”

Thoughts are like food. There’s junk food and nutritious food. Likewise, there are junk thoughts and sustaining thoughts.

Instead of junky, whiney, defensive statements, she should nourish herself with

  • Good news
  • Hero stories
  • Positive thought for the day
  • What is right
  • Appreciation
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Noticing abundance
  • Praise
  • Self-love
  • Second chances
  • “What if it all goes right?” thinking
  • inspirational thoughts
  • Inspirational stories
  • Imaging the desired outcome

Shifting Focus Brings Magical Results

A true change of thoughts can have magical and instantaneous results.

Ange got 2 calls the day we had our heart-to-heart. Both arranged interviews: 1 by phone and 1 in person.

One of the jobs was in the state where she hoped to find work. The district is in a small town, which she prefers. She would teach the age group that suits her skills best.

The next day, on the way to interview for the teaching job in her preferred location, another district about a hundred miles away called to interview her.

As Ange met with the principal and teachers, toured the school and looked around town, she had the feeling of coming HOME. And as it turned out, the district hired her.

What made the difference?

having all the right credentials in a job situation is useful, yet many skilled people remain jobless.

Doing all the right tasks is important – yet it is not enough.

A bad attitude kills results like nothing else.

How to Break the Bad Attitude Habit

First, don’t fool yourself into thinking you have a great mindset.

If anything if “off” in your life – such as

  • lack
  • wanting
  • desperation
  • not enough

it’s not life, it’s your approach that is at the heart of the issue.

Next, be aware of all the sources of negativity.

Trouble comes at people from the outside by letting in negative news, gossip, negative people, talking about what’s not the way you want it, temptation to bad habits, and media that focuses upon the negative.

An event happening is not an excuse for negative thinking.

A thought running in your head is not a compulsion to think it over and over. That’s your choice.

Decide right now to keep away from any and all sources of negativity.

Trouble comes from within in the form of multitasking, defensiveness, low confidence, blaming, worry, and looking for the “black cloud” in every silver lining.

Take responsibility for your own thoughts, words and actions. Make sure to always have positive messages in many formats ready. You might need a positive thought for the day at any moment!

Finally, gently course correct whenever anything shows up (a thought, for example) that is not aligned with your well-being. Put nourishing media, thoughts, books, and more around you at all times.

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Follow your bliss!

Ronda Del Boccio, The Story Lady of

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