Health and Safety Tips:Women’s Safety Tips – Dating Nightmares and How to Avoid Them – Safe Dating Tips For Women

Dating nightmares not only include disease, unwanted pregnancy, rape and domestic abuse but assaults on your self-esteem and emotional and mental well-being. Most of the deep scars we have from past relationships are not physical. So knowing the how to pick the right people to date is vital! We all have stories about the date that went bad or the guy who never called back even though we really hit it off. We wonder what we did wrong, what we could have done differently, why he didn’t like us. Was it something we said or did? Was it what we wore or that we were too forward or not forward enough? What if he was just the wrong person? What if what we did wrong was pick him to go out with in the first place? Or what if we didn’t pick him at all but rather went because he picked us? Is that dangerous? Absolutely, and I’ll tell you how to avoid it!
Three Safe Dating Tips For Women:
* Healthy Self-Esteem – you are already complete so looking for someone to “complete you” is just a romantic (yet pathetic) line in a movie.
* Trust Your Gut Feelings – these will always lead you the right way and it doesn’t matter if they make sense at the time or not.
* Personal Boundaries – establish and enforce these or you will continue down the road of dating nightmares!
Doing one, two or all three of these will change your dating life (and non-dating life) tremendously! I know because I’ve been there and my poor decisions took me down the road of rape and domestic violence. Pay attention to someone who’s been there so you never have to be! Women, defend and protect your mental and emotional well-being and prevent dating nightmares by dating the right men instead of just “men” and share these safe dating tips with women you care about.
Bonus Safety Tip: Healthy men find confidence the most attractive thing about a woman; weak men find insecurity most attractive. And now I would like to offer you free access to printed and audio versions of the “Seven Deadly Personal Safety Mistakes” plus 2 additional bonuses when you subscribe to my free weekly Safety Quick Tips; a 52 week newsletter on Personal Safety. You can get your instant access (and a sample Safety Quick Tip) at


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