Hemorrhoids Is Really Torturing, Overcome With these 5 Natural Ways


The suffering because of hemorrhoids are very painful. It feels like death is being picked. The pain will increase when time for defecation arrives. Well, there is nothing we can do except to feel a prolonged pain while we also look for treatment. The most fatal suffering is difficulties to sit down when the hemorrhoid has reached an advanced stage.

Well if your hemorrhoids symptoms have not been so severe, you can make a natural treatment with cheap ingredients that can be found in your kitchen and fridge. This can be done to reduce the symptoms of swelling of the hemorrhoids. Some of the natural ingredients that you can use, for example:

1. Vinegar

Well, vinegar is identical to the effects of heat and burning in the skin but vinegar can combat bacteria and reduce pain due to swelling in the anus. The trick, just two drops of vinegar evenly applied to the anus to relieve the pain and swelling is resolved.

2. Potatoes

Since the swelling of the anus resulting in a severe burning sensation caused by inflammation, the effects of cold and reduce pain should be sought. Now, take a potato and cut into small pieces, then stick to the anus and let it there for some time. The effect will be felt, and the pain will be reduced.

3. Aloe Vera

Just like potato, aloe vera with slimy flesh has anti-inflammatory properties. So when hemorrhoids block, just grab some aloe vera stem then cut the flesh into small pieces and put into the swollen anus part. Well, now the pain from hemorrhoids will decrease.

4. Ice cubes

Who the hell are not familiar with ice cubes. The cold effect that the ice cube provided will help reduce pain caused by the swollen anus. Despite the unpleasant effects that you feel is only temporary, but at least you can try. Here is how to do it, take a few small chunks of ice cubes, wrapped with thin cloth and then paste it into the anus that feels pain.

Ladies that is how you can recover from hemorrhoids. Please give it a try and hopefully you can recover very soon.

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