Herbal Digestive Formula info

Doctors who are inclined to use natural herbs as remedies have long recommended a classic herbal

digestive formula or combination. The herbal digestive formula may also be known as Robert’s or Bastyr’s Formula

and it is said to control the intestinal pain and inflammation associated with Crohn’s disease. Herbal digestive

formula is also said to relieve the symptoms of the inflammatory bowel disease called ulcerative colitis.

“Robert” in the original Robert’s herbal digestive formula is, according to stories, a sailor

with a sensitive stomach. During his travels, he consulted many herbalists for a cure for his particular illness to

no avail. He was, however, smart enough to think up of an idea that would surely help ease the discomfort of his

stomach illness. This herbal digestive formula, called Robert’s formula, combined the most effective of the natural

remedies recommended to him by herbalists from around the world. The results were impressive, so impressive in fact

that Robert began to recommend this herbal digestive formula to others suffering the same illness as he did.

Each of the herbs used in Robert’s herbal digestive formula has a long history of use in

traditional medicine. Among them, marshmallow and slippery elm have gained the reputation of having high

concentration of mucilage. This sticky substance acts as a coat for the stomach to help soothe and protect the

inflamed linings of the gastrointestinal tract.

Additional medicinal benefits of the herbal digestive formula are provided by other herbs.

Echinacea, for instance, is a tonic that could boost the function of the immune system, thus raising the body’s

resistance to illnesses. Goldenseal and wild indigo (Baptisia), on the other hand, have anti-bacterial properties,

giving additional protection for the gastrointestinal tract from harm-causing bacteria. Geranium can affect

platelet action and help control gastrointestinal bleeding. And Poke root or Phytolacca and cabbage powder have

healing powers used to treat ulcers.

Herbal Digestive Formula: Bastyr’s Formula

Robert’s formula was improved later, resulting in a variation of the herbal digestive formula

called Bastyr’s formula. This variation was named after John Bastyr (1912-1995) who was a pioneer in naturopathy.

Bastyr’s formula includes the addition of niacinamide, a B vitamin with anti-inflammatory properties. The new

herbal digestive formula also has pancreatin which is a digestive enzyme and duodenal substance, an animal extract

The purported ability to heal and protect the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, the herbal

digestive formula is used by many naturopaths to treat irritable bowel syndrome. Also, the anti-inflammatory herbs

contained in this traditional remedy have given arthritis sufferers an alternative to nonsteroidal

anti-inflammatory drugs which can cause notable stomach irritation.

Herbal Digestive Formula: The Revised Combination

Below are the parts of the herbs contained in Bastyr’s revised herbal digestive

And below are the ingredients added which are non-plant-based:

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