Increasing Sexual Stamina


Millions of men ask themselves the same question every day, “how can I increase my superman stamina in the bedroom?”. For some, it’s a simple question of extending their pleasure. For others it can be a serious issue that plagues their self-esteem. In either case, there are solutions. It’s important to remember that no two people are alike; some remedies that work for certain men in a snap, may have little to know effect on others. The secret is finding the root of the problem and addressing it accordingly.

There are plenty of solutions for those men who feel they’ve found themselves in a stamina slump and desire a quick fix. Certain products on today’s market are meant for maximizing the time between the sheets. Desensitizing creams are intended to dull the nerve endings in the penis for a short period of time, allowing men to perform for longer periods. These are easily located both online and in many specialty stores. Another easy way decrease sensitivity is by using thicker condoms. This is a common method, and men need go no further than their neighborhood drug store.

However, some men are in search of fixing the situation for the long term. There’s hope for those who are willing to dedicate some time and energy to the practice. In many cases, the issue can be resolved with some specific self control techniques. A major one of these is breath control. Deep and slow breaths have the ability to slow the heart rate and control blood flow, thus leading to a more rhythmic and extended activity. It’s also helpful to ensure that you’re in good physical condition. Stamina, when it comes to athletics directly relates to stamina in the bedroom

There is an array of techniques at your disposal if the problem isn’t so much stamina, but rather, having your mate achieve orgasm before you. It’s important to remember that foreplay is an essential part of the love making process for any woman. This could mean kissing and heavy petting, or playing close attention to her below the belt. Most women take significant time to get warmed up, but once she’s there it’s easy to help her reach the big O. Remember, if she’s close, don’t change anything. Once a woman is near orgasm, it becomes very easy for her to lose it. Don’t try to spice things up by changing positions, keep with the same stroke and you’ll see results.

Still, some men may find that there is a deeper issue that needs resolution. These can be emotional triggers that may need to be attended through counseling, and at times, prescription medication. While the question of sexual stamina can be embarrassing, it’s important to remember that it’s an event almost all men will experience at some point during their lives.

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