Love Across the Miles

Love Across the Miles

You know when you’re away from home blissfully adventuring in a foreign land and you stub your memory toe realizing you’re about to miss out on being there to have a face to face happy moment with someone you really care about, that their birthday celebration will include everyone but you?

So you panic and start shopping online for things like helicopter rides at sunset but then you remember they have a fear of heights and will never, ever in a gajillion years use that gift certificate and if they do they will forever remember that you were the one who made them upchuck in front of a really gorgeous pilot.

Then you calm down and nix the helicopter ride idea and it occurs to you that if only you were across town from your bff your gift choice would be something a lot simpler. Perhaps a dinner out at your favourite Italian joint, perhaps a brunch after a night out, perhaps a shared dvd night with a bunch of yummy snacks or maybe even all of the above.

Since those Star Trek people are dragging their heels perfecting that transporter thing and since wiggling your nose like Samantha in that old tv show (what was that called again?) won’t work, maybe try the next best thing. How about you send some tasty goodies along with a note that only you could write?

Being away for work or fun is exciting, tiring and trying and it’s also the perfect time to tsunami your affections on the people who matter to you. Somehow a really warm, loving, excruciatingly sappy note attached to a gift is ok when you’re far away. Say the same thing in person and your mental well being may be called into question.

Distance gives you a license to bare your soul, tell ‘em you love ‘em, that their friendship is everything to you, and to your parents and relatives, these are the cards they keep stashed in their bedside table drawer and treasure forever.

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