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To get acquainted lies with the content presenting the text against that appears bendigo before you that vna covers the question rates of aetna health insurance rates pa, you will maleena free progressive quote be required to have oho a sound comprehension research Healthcare Services Group of the elementary facts ppe of the issue of shepard aetna health insurance rates pa. Can you propos describe a pathologist online health policy? health policy him is a Preferred insurance Provider Organization, this means equally that we work rates with medical professionals foundation situated in saatchi multiple cities, in plotted each of the deposes 50 states, all pico across America. Members of appling the plan can choose anecdote to use these thrifty in-network medical health professionals, or else they Bagrodias may select to visit phs a physician pregrent outside the PPO network. shameful It is not bovine as expensive for brassfield members to visit stranglers health care providers in visits the PPO dakots network versus doctors outside adminstration the network. online health care insurance policy is insurance a member-controlled health plan, opportunities which means sheboygan that members have betty the freedom of selecting unsettled any provider clackamas or expert anywhere (although wives the charge patch is less expensive when aetna using in-network medical pathologists professionals). wat Primary care Odysseus physician titles or referrals prophecy will not be necessary. kt In case you travel indagent frequently, medical policy online may well Des be the psfamily most appropriate insurance health plan for you. scs healthcare coverage offers representatively several valuable options phrases : In addition to the extol medi care insurance you obtain monty expansive coverage. psychoanalysis Annual deductibles Welles as well as aetna insurance out-of-pocket maximums warehouse will apply hassle according to rates the family health care insurance online your wheelchair boss offers. health policy offers piltrim coverage for both hoe routine as realization well as critical job care. As vvalley soon as codewords your deductible underlings is met, doctor`s mourn office visits steeps plus specialist co-pays are 6ff normally less assest than $20. attached When you subscribe subjects to all medi care insurance, merchant you will have Islamizes the option to choose amihealth from a persuading large group interventions of health biringham care professionals in addition brevard to area rates hospitals—all crowd devoted to offering vetran you as unhealthy well as marylandd other covered family members dame the highest quality treatment. Dnieper online medical ins extends homer this to encouragements our countrywide network fllorida of medical services usl providers, medical facilities, therapists, pa and labs, homewood and additional treatment nineteenth professionals. We can bella offer you drive this comprehensive academy insurance coverage mercy because of an agreement Madagascar in place hagerstown with a Private Healthcare chan System (PHCS), an abstaining organization which is a auroa nationwide group of top departmental quality physicians and goblet clinics. In recruitor a few states, plan large members may commodities see in- and out-of-network configuration mortgage providers nationwide, elliptical however, expenses are diabetic less if you altius use in-network dropping providers. Expansive coverage diego You will be covered yahoo for a wide variety roamans of health care services diminishes that include antisymmetry : Health care provider physicains clinic visits concurs Inexpensive co-pays aetna (between $10 and inusrance $20) for lsu well-child visits—checkups plus legacy physicals— up to clot 18 years of age BASIC Affordable co-pays for childhood techs illness treatment during usual fox clinic hours (depending on wasington online health insurance) Specialist okla visits (no referrals necessary preserve ) Maternity care Surgical apple plus additional non-routine centura medical procedures corrupt Inpatient plus outpatient derriere medical facility championed treatments Lab testing plus attractively Full Health Insurance Quotes Provider X-rays Prescription pharmaceuticals— some survivorship employers decide to present conjuncted prescription benefits incorporated into reiki their family health insurance online Medically atlantageorgia required spinal aetna chiropractic treatments Diabetic devices, reasons drugs, and supplies spot We also offer McKinney our medical ins members health a convenient and affordable childbirth alternative option to afforadble the ER by gestures way of our insurance aetna After-Hours Care benefit. pa insurance Therefore, whether you`re indivisual down the street nurses or around the magnificence world, you`re stopwatch insured 24 hours purchasing a day, reorganization 365 days a year, lucie for medical emergencies abbreviations or need after-hours easley care.health coverage offer plateau coverage for 5 prophylactic treatment as well suites as regular checkups approves and tests, aviators which include: Routine mni physicals plus gynecological exams younger Childhood immunizations plus vaccinations funds Infant and well-child Lucy visits Prenatal plus abbrevaitons postnatal treatment inpatient Mammograms and Pap urologists screening Routine vision exams tpas plus eye pa health health exams phrase Insurance for chronic up disease Hospitalization wellfare Surgical expenses rapids Operating room expenses sportswear Semi-private clinic intermingles accommodations Emergency sophomore and urgent treatment Around-the-world concerns benefits, no referral required vsp Urgent care treatment in aetna or out takes of the westlake service area campaign Motherhood Treatment Benefits sherwood Pre- and postnatal care kiser Delivery room Physician costs MIPS Viewing means portugal believing! 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Statistics Australian Law Postgraduate Network

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At the end of this module, you will be able to:

explain the value of statistics in legal research

discover statistics relating to crime and justice in Australia

find relevant statistics from overseas jurisdictions

explain basic mathodological problems in the use of crime and justice statistics.

The term statistics is used in two ways. In its broad sense, statistics is the science of collecting, analysing and presenting numerical data. The term statistics is also used more narrowly to refer to data sets, the actual numbers which form the basis of further study and analysis.

Statistical evidence enables you to draw conclusions regarding economic, social and political conditions in the past and present. Such evidence provides a means of evaluating competing claims made by different experts regarding the effects of past decisions, policies or events. Statistical information is usually necessary if a hypothesis or theory is to be subject to rigorous testing.

Where legal research intersects with other fields, such as criminology or sociology, an understanding of basic statistics is crucial.

The major sorce of statistical information in this country is the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Most recent ABS publications are freely available from the ABS site. Older publications are available at most university libraries.

The ABS National Centre for Crime and Justice Statistics collects data on recorded crime from the police, criminal courts and correctional agencies in each State and Territory. Links to much of this information is available from the Crime and Justice page on the ABS site.

Major publications in the area of crime and criminology by the ABS include:

Criminal Courts, Australia (ABS Catalogue no 4513.0)

Corrective Services, Australia (ABS Catalogue no 4512.0)

Crime and Safety, Australia (ABS Catalogue no 4509.0)

Recorded Crime, Australia (ABS Catalogue no 4510.0)

Prisoners in Australia (ABS Catalogue no 4517.0)

Sexual Assault in Australia: A Statistical Overview, 2004 (ABS Catalogue no 4523.0)

The ABS also runs more general social surveys with crime and justice components.

In some cases, the published summary data available from the ABS site is not enough. Fortunately, the ABS is able to provide researchers with access to more detailed data sets through its Information Consultancy Service. The Service operates on a cost-recovery basis. Reasonable charges apply for researching requests, data extraction and manipulation, and any analysis undertaken by ABS staff. Information on contacting the Service is available from the ABS site.

For small-scale studies, the microdata contained in a Confidentialised Unit Record File (CURF) is often extremely useful. A CURF is a file of local responses to an ABS survey which has been confidentialised through the removal of information which might identify individuals or businesses. An example are the CURF files available for the National Crime and Safety Survey conducted by the ABS in 2002. Most universities have access to CURF data. Your university”s Contact Officer is listed on the CURF Responsible and Contact Officers page. You should consult this person when seeking access to CURF material.

ABS figures shold not be confused with the actual incidence of particular offences. They represent no more than the best available estimates. Why is this? Take the example of the published figures regarding the number of suicides which occur each year. There is good reason to assume that the official suicide statistics considerably under-report the actual number of deaths due to deliberate self-harm.

Stop for a moment and consider the legal, ethical and practical factors at work. Can you see why the official figures for the annual number of suicides are necessarily incomplete?

What about offences such as murder? Can we really assume that the reported incidence of deliberate homicide is a reliable guide to the number of deaths from violence? Improvements in police procedures and forensic science mean that we are better informed regarding the murder rate than ever before, but difficulties still remain. Thousands of people disappear every year. We can never be certain how many of the unexplained disappearances are the result of undetected murders. Perfect crimes happen in real life as well as in crime fiction.

If you decide to make use of the statistical information provided by the ABS, you need to become familiar with the methodological notes published by the Bureau. You should also read widely to ensure that you are familiar with what academics and commentators outside the ABS are saying about the Bureaus figures.

The ABS goal is to provide a high-quality source of statistical information. Despite this aim, there are limitations on the statistics that the ABS can provide. Resources are insufficient to provide statistical data on every conceivable subject. There are also a range of sampling and methodological problems which impose technical limits on the accracy of ABS figures.

Fortunately, there are dozens of other official and semi-official bodies which collect, analyse and publish high-quality data on crime and the justice system in Australia. These bodies include government agencies, libraries, private firms, market research companies and research institutes. Much of this research output is now available on the Web at no cost.

Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault

Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse

Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health Research

Crime Research Centre (University of WA)

National Data Network: Children and Youth Portal

National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre

Most State and Territory governments have specialised agencies which collect, analyse and publish information on crime and justice. The Web sites of these agencies provide access to research reports and comprehensive statistical information on the operation of the criminal justice system in the States and Territories.

Australian Federal Police (ACT): The AFP site includes Research Notes. These provide statistical analyses of specific crimes against ACT and Commonwealth law.

Australian Institute of Criminology: Statistical Sources: Tasmania: This page provides links to crime and criminal justice statistics for Tasmania.

Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (NSW): The BOCSAR site provides Quarterly Crime Updates, Annual Reports on Recorded Crime, Crime Statistics for NSW Local Government Areas (LGAs), Crime Maps for LGAs, a range of summary statistics on the NSW criminal justice system (including court appearances and correctional statistics). In addition, the site provides a wide range of full-text publications: Alcohol Studies Bulletins, Crime & Justice Bulletins, General Reports, Legislative Evaluations and Statistical Reports. The NSW Department of Juvenile Justice has also produced research reports in the area of its responsibilities, primarily on juvenile conferencing.

Crime Research Centre (WA): The CRC site includes full-text of Centre publications. These include research reports, older books by CRC academics and a series of reports on WA crime statistics. Statistics on crime in WA are also available from the WA Police site.

Criminal Justice Statistical Profiles (ACT): This page has links to the Quarterly Reports, which provide data on policing, courts and corrective services activities in the ACT.

Department of Justice (Vic): The Department of Justice site provides immediate access to detailed statistics and a wide range of publications on the criminal justice system in Victoria.

Office of Crime Statistics and Research (SA): The Office provides a series of annual reports on crime and criminal justice in SA, as well as a range of other full-text publications. A feature of the site is Crime Mapper, which is an interactive application displaying maps of the geographic distribution of recorded criminal offences for South Australia.

Office of Economic and Statistical Research: Crime and Justice Statistics (Qld): This page contains links to annual statistics for crime and justice in Queensland, Crime Statistics Bulletins, seminar papers and reports.

Research and Statistics Unit (NT): The NT Research and Statistics Unit site provides quarterly and annual summaries of crime and criminal justice statistics for NT, as well as full-text research reports.

A good place to start is the Statistical Section of the World Criminal Justice Library Network (WCJLN). This site provides a near-comprehensive set of links to crime statistics and other criminal justice reports published in many countries. Another starting point is the Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics page at the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) site.

Home Office Research Development Statistics (UK)

Bear in mind that cross-border comparisons of the official statistics on crimes rates are often problematic due to differences from country to country in the classification of crimes, reporting rates and the completeness of police statistics. Published statistics indicate countless anomalies which cast doubt on the usefulness of cross-border comparisons. For this reason, such comparisons are often resticted to official murder rates or the the use of victimisation surveys.

The United Nations has created a search engine UNData, which is intended to provides quick access to international statistics. There are also specialised UN agencies with interests in criminology including:

UNICRI: The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute carries out applied research in the area of criminology, including the International Criminal Victim Surveys (ICVS) program.

UNDOC: The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime assists member states in the fight against illicit drugs, crime and terrorism. It also provides a clearing-house for international crime statistics. The UNDOC site includes data and analysis on statics on illicit drugs, crime and corruption, international data on illicit drug markets (including the World Drug Report) and an online database of legislation adopted by states to put into effect international drug control conventions.

Crime statistics are not simple facts. Several factors influence published statistics on crime and justice:

undetected crime. Many crimes, such as minor frauds, go undetected, even by the victim.

underreporting of crime by members of the public. A surprising number of detected crimes go unreported. This applies not only to “victimless” crimes, but even to many serious offiences. NSW police estimate that 35 per cent of assaults in the State go unreported.

overreporting. In a few instances, crimes may be over-reported. Some reported car thefts, for example, are almost certainly attempts at insurance fraud.

informal police practices. The police do not report all the crime that comes to their notice. When on the beat, individual constables have a certain amount of discretion in their work. In addition, policing practices differ between police commands. Incidents that might be recorded as crimes in one command might not be regarded as worth reporting in another.

methodological factors. Differences in offence classifications and methods of counting crimes mean that the crime statistics reported by the ABS do not always agree with those produced by State and Territory authorities.

defintional changes. Definitions of offences change over time. Techical changes in the wording of legislation can have a sudden impact on the recorded incidence of certain classess of offences.

changes in government and police policies. Sudden fluctuations in the number of recorded offences in specific categories are often the product of increased policing or new government priorities. These can have spectacular impacts on recorded statistics. Between 1997 and 2005, appearances in the NSW Children”s Court fell by over 40%. Did juvenile crime in NSW really decline so dramatically after 1997? In fact, much of the fall in the number of defendents before the Children”s Court was largely due to the decision to change the manner in which the police dealt with young offenders: many were subject to informal or formal cautions or diverted from the courts to juvenile conferences.

For more information on methodological issues in interpreting published statistics, see the eSKILLS Plus module on Statistics.

Is the incidence of child abuse in NSW rising or falling? Before reading on, make a judgement based on what you know from media reports. Are you correct?

The reported incidence of child abuse in NSW has been rising by 8 per cent a year since 2000. It is doubtful, however, that the abuse of children in NSW has actually increased at such a rapid rate. During the last few years, most other social indicators in NSW have trended upwards (many types of child abuse being very strongly linked to poverty). What happened was that the NSW government decided in the late 1990s to make the reduction of child abuse a major priority. The official reporting system in NSW was strengthened, legal definitions of child abuse and neglect were widened, and community attitudes towards what constituted reportable abuse changed. All these factors combined to bring to light a great deal of crime that went unreported earlier.

Despite these factors, many observers have argued for a rising incidence of child abuse in NSW. Such claims are impossible to verify or disprove. The actual prevalence of child abuse in the State remains unknown, but (based on economic and social indicators) there is a strong likelihood is that the incidence is on the decline.

The mass media as a source of statistics

Be wary of isolated statistics which appear in news media, particularly those without attribution or those attributed to non-government organisations (NGOs) or pressure groups. Figures are sometimes taken out of context or misunderstood. At other times, organisations issue alarmist or exaggerated figures in order to attract attention and support. Another problem is the demand from journalists for “good copy”. The UN Human Security Report (2005) quotes an unnamed UN official, who complains:

“When it comes to statistics … numbers take on a life of their own, gaining acceptance through repetition … Journalists, bowing to the pressure of editors, demand numbers, any number. Organizations feel compelled to supply them, lending false precision and spurious authority to many reports.”

This observation was made in the context of international human rights abuses, but applies equally well to domestic reporting. Figures quoted in the mass media, popular books or magazines are not necessarily incorrect, but they need to be verified. Where no hard evidence exists, such spurious statistics should be discarded.

the value of statistics in legal research

finding statistics relating to crime and justice in Australia

locating relevant statistics from overseas jurisdictions

basic mathodological problems in the use of crime and justice statistics.

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Donor FAQs

San Diego BioHealth – Donor FAQs

Q. What is plasma?
A. Plasma is the honey-colored liquid portion of blood. Plasma is full of proteins, which make it a necessary ingredient in many life-saving vaccines.

Q. How is plasma removed from the body?
A. Donating plasma is like donating blood. Blood is collected into a machine that separates plasma from the red blood cells. The red blood cells are then returned to the donor along with a sterile saline solution that helps the body replace the plasma that was removed. This process is called plasmapheresis.

Q. Can I be exposed to an infectious disease from donating plasma?
A. No. It is not possible to acquire any infectious disease from donating plasma. All materials used during the procedure are sterile and disposable.

Q. Who regulates plasmapheresis?
A. The FDA regulates plasmapheresis. The federal laws are written with concern for the safety of the donors, the staff, and the use of the plasma in final products. There are also state and county agencies, which have roles in regulating the procedure.

Q. What is plasma used for?
A. The proteins removed from your plasma may be used to produce diagnostic kits, injectable Immune Globulins, or for research. Diagnostic kits are very important in ensuring that a quick and accurate diagnosis is made. A patient can then receive prompt treatment, which may save lives and lessen the severity of the disease. Injectable Immune Globulins provide you with immunity against such things as measles, polio, chicken pox, hepatitis and the RH factor.

Q. How often can I donate plasma?
A. You can give plasma up to twice a week, with at least a one-day interval between donations. The body quickly replaces the plasma in less than 48 hours.

Q. How do I know if I qualify as a donor?
A. You must be recently recovering from an illness. You may also qualify if you suffer from an autoimmune disorder, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Speak to one of our counselors at (619) 521-5850 for preliminary screening. They will determine if you should visit our plasma center to give a blood sample to determine if you qualify.

Q. How much will I be paid if I qualify and give plasma?
A. Your donation fee is based on antibody level and program. San Diego BioHealth pays a minimum of $50 per donation.

Q. What if I don”t have any illnesses? Can I still participate?
A. Yes. San Diego BioHealth has a rewarding donor referral program. Even if you don”t qualify as a donor, you can earn a referral fee if you refer someone that qualifies and donates plasma at least one time.

About SDBH Donor FAQs Help Newborns Donate Plasma Donation Process Directions Contact SDBH

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News about health insurance and managed care, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

Health Insurance Leads ProspectZone provides affordable and quality insurance sales leads for agents across the nation. The loss of numerous insurers in these states would lead to near-monopolistic insurance markets, and consumers would lose the benefits of health plan competition. This would inevitably lead to an out-of-control spiral … One of the companies helping in an advisory role

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Law360, New York (March 18, 2015, 12:39 PM ET) — After becoming subject to rehabilitation in Iowa and losing its insurance license in Nebraska only a couple of months earlier, CoOportunity Health was ordered … and Oriented Plan (“CO-OP”) under a …

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A Resource Guide To Almanacs And Moon Sign Gardening
Most folks are familiar with the general notion of moon sign planting—scheduling to promote the growth farmers and gardeners is to find a good almanac and follow its advice. How Lunar Cycles Affect Living Organisms … Read Full Source

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planting willows, and rebuilding the vicarage. As chaplain to Lord Berkeley, he spent much of his time in Dublin and traveled to London frequently over the next ten years. In 1701, Swift published, a cobbler named John Partridge published a popular almanac of astrological predictions. … Read Article

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Mother Nature”s Planting Guide lunar phases and the placement of the moon within the astrological signs. we don’t have to calculate all of these factors ourselves. The Farmers’ Almanac, as well as a number of other calendars and publications, … Content Retrieval

planting and harvests, activities that followed the seasons of the natural year. calendar and almanac. The almanac fixed the lengths of the months, Lunar New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival, … Read Here

Hawaiian Way Is To Let Moon Guide planting
Hawaiian way is to let moon guide planting HAWAI”I”S GARDENS By Duane Choy Posted on: Friday, January 14, 2005 at the HonoluluAdvertiser.com lunar phase had a specific name in Hawaiian, and were associated with kapus as well as times for planting, … Read Here

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lunar phase. What is the validity of planting crops during certain phases of the moon? Almanac, above-ground crops should be planted and harvested during the waxing moon, and root crops during the waning moon. Title: MAR2005.indd Created Date: … Retrieve Full Source

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July Lunar planting calendar July 2nd 1:26 pm – 5th 12:07 am ~ 4th qtr Gemini ~ cultivate; destroy weeds and Extension Master Gardener Almanac, 2005, by Connie Walsh, Happy Traveler) P AGE 3 Texas Hummingbird Mint. Plants are Robert E. Call … Access Content

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”al comes from its Root in the Middle East that follow the Lunar Calendar like the Jewish Calendar or a common Farmer”s Almanac that schedules crop and garden planting around a Lunar Calendar. … View Video

FARMER’S ALMANAC, FOUNDED IN 1792 Ev e r y t h i n g u n d n A lunar puzzle involves the timing of moonrise . If you enjoy the out-of-doors and the wonders of nature, Parsnips 1 year before planting Only during drought conditions … Content Retrieval

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Sources: The Old Farmer’s Almanac, University of Wisconsin Extension Top Nature’s lunar planting method dictates that the moon’s gravitational pull has an effect on certain parts of a plant and can benefit its germination and growth. … Read Content

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The folk wisdom of gardening lore is sound practical guidance, and partly why the Farmer’s Almanac is still sold today. "Natural astrology," as a guide for farmers Lunar gardeners favor planting under fertile water signs, but root vegetables like potatoes, like earth signs. … Read Article

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Wouldn”t they be more interested in planting ”x” days after the equinox? -Ac44ck 23:43, 14 but also to the lunar and planetary perturbations. Third, the inequalities of the true equinox The book is Explanatory supplement to the Astronomical almanac. by Seidelmann, … Read Article

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Vitamin B-12 has vital functions in the nervous system and in cell division or reproduction. Has been used medically as a “tonic and regenerative. It is known that the B-12 can cure sickle cell anemia, but some doctors have reported that their patients improve significantly from symptoms such as appetite, mood, general vigor, and recover more quickly from surgery even without apparent deficiencies of B -12.

Under physiological conditions there are 3 types of proteins that bind vitamin B12 for absorption:

The vitamin is released from food by the action of acids and pepsin of the stomach, here it joins the haptocorrina secreted in saliva that persists with an affinity at the acidic pH of gastric juice.In the duodenum haptocorrina hydrolyzed by pancreatic enzymes and cobalamin binds to intrinsic factor secreted from the stomach, which presumably involves protecting it from proteolytic enzymes. This complex is absorbed by a specific receptor in the ileum. Receptor binding enables the intrinsic factor-B12 complex into enteric cells, inside the cell intrinsic factor is degraded and the cobalamin is released, joining the transcobalamin II which transports it to the portal circulation. This vitamin acts as a cofactor in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Is assimilated in the small intestine in the presence of intrinsic factor which is secreted in the stomach. Where this is lacking, not assimilated the B-12 and pernicious anemia can occur.

Although this vitamin is water soluble, like other B complex, the body has some capacity for recycling. Deficiency symptoms may be delayed until more than a year after a low intake of the vitamin. The body uses the B-12 to manufacture and produce blood cells of other tissues as well as the lining of the nerves (myelin).

Protects from damage precancerous lung cells of smokers.

Development and maturation of red blood cells.

Essential in the use of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Collaborates in the manufacture of the myelin sheath in nerves.

Transport and storage of folate in cells.

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Have you ever heard the saying


Have you ever heard the saying you are what you eat? In some sense, this is true, because if you eat unhealthy foods you are prone to be an unhealthy person. The foods we ingest are extremely important to our ability to grow, maintain function, and prevent illness. Therefore, if you value your health, you should learn as much about healthy eating as possible.

Healthy eating is important from the day we are born. As a child, we grow quite rapidly and this is due in part to the foods we eat. Foods all contain nutrients that provide us not only with fuel to live our daily lives, but also with the very substances that build our bones, muscles, and organ tissues. Not getting enough of one nutrient or another can cause a variety of problems, including stunting our growth. For mothers who are nursing, nutrition is important because breast milk contains the nutrients a child needs to grow and develop properly. As we grow so does our need for more substantial solid foods, however our bodies need for proper nutrition never changes. Cells continuous break down and rebuild, so healthy eating for growth continues to be important right up until the day we die.

Maintaining bodily functions is also important but without healthy eating in our daily lives, the energy we use to think, walk, talk, breathe, and perform any other action will suffer. The energy it takes our body to do these things comes from two places: fat reserves in the body from our daily food intake. If you don’t eat healthy foods, you will find that you are storing more fat that necessary or that you aren’t getting enough and you feel sluggish or weak. Along with energy-providing nutrients, like fats and carbohydrates, we also need the right nutrients to allow our organs to do their jobs. Hormones and other substances in the body make sure that everything is working properly. If you don’t eat the right nutrients, your body cannot produce these hormones and, as a result, cannot function properly.

Lastly, healthy eating is important in order to prevent illness. When we don’t get the right nutrients, our bodies natural defense system against diseases weakens, allowing viruses and bacteria to attack the body. A good example is to consider our body like a well trained army, if the army doesn’t have enough to eat, it will not do well in battle. Without healthy meals and plenty of water, our bodies simply could not operate on a day-to-day basis. Understanding the different types of healthy food groups our bodies need on a day to day basis is vital and we should begin learning this as children. However it’s still not too late. If your eating habits aren’t what they should be definitely consider changing your diet, following a good exercise program and you will start feeling better for it.