Why does the government say they want “healthy” citizens then allow GMOs and toxins to be sold as food?

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Why does the government say they want “healthy” citizens then allow GMOs and toxins to be sold as food?

There have been several “campaigns” for a healthy America by several administrations, each one telling us all to get out there and get active. But the one thing about each of them that bothers me is that none of them address the “poisoning” of the American people by food companies that seem to have the government in their pockets…

Government has passed legislation that allow toxic substances to be marketed as “safe” for consumption and then sold as food. These substances can and are proven to cause cancer, heart/liver/brain-function problems and all sorts of irreversible damage.

Did you know that MSG can be labelled under “natural flavors” on a product’s nutrition and ingredients label? This is just one example of many. How is that good for anyone???

This has been going on for a long time. The government gets a big fat check from a company with interests in the “fast & easy” food industry (I’m not talking only about fast-food), and the FDA says they can use “fillers” and “additives” in their products and then can still tell people it’s “safe” for consumption…

We have NO IDEA what it is we are actually eating and that it’s KILLING US by making us obese and by poisoning our beautiful bodies.

The only way for people to get healthy FOR REAL is not just by running every morning, but by changing the way we see and think about food, and learning what humans are and AREN’T supposed to eat!

With Michelle Obama’s new “Get Moving” campaign, she is just continuing the long-misleading solution for America’s poor health and obesity epidemic. Her new campaign target should be re-directed at the companies that pay her husbands administration millions to keep their “products” marketable to the naive public.

I suggest everyone watch “The Future of Food” (which can be watched free on Hulu.com) and “Food Inc.”.

Because they are telling people what they want to hear and when people hear what they want to hear they vote

iv already seen Food Inc. i agree with you on the subject but there is nothing we can do. Without these companies wed have to grow our own food in our backyard and have cattle/sheep and other livestock around our homes as well. If you want organic, make a chicken coup in your backyard, get some chickens, a cow, and a pig as well. with those animals you shouldnt need to go to the store anymore. make sure you grow a lot of vegetables as well, and fruit trees. you would need a lot of land too.

Because the government and the pharmaceuticals and FDA are all in together, deep pockets. They pass so many crooked drugs that kill X-amount of people before they are yanked off the shelf because they got to make their money first. Allergies in foods kill how many each year? Vaccines kill people every year, do you think they care if the weak die? Course not, money is the root of all evil and controls every bit of this nation, pretty easy to see that. As long as Al Gore is still around in any position of power we are in trouble

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