WiiFit for Sciience: End of Week One


Well. The end of the first week.

It’s been a trial of sorts. And a lot of jogging. But not necessarily bad.

So, the background: I bought a Wii a week ago, and decided to set an experiment. The rules for this are simple:

  1. Using the WiiFit, I’d do 30 minutes a day.
  2. Every day, I’d measure my weight (using the built in Body Test).
  3. Try and clean up my diet a little (cutting out the ridiculously bad foods… but nothing too taxing).
  4. Chart the results.

My starting weight of 96.1 kg almost a week ago, is now down to 1.4kg. I am most pleased with this. I only missed two days, but made up for this on time spent on other days.

Here I am, dressed as a penguin. Obviously!
Here I am, dressed as a penguin. Obviously!

It is an interesting way to exercise; sometimes you are jogging on the spot (I can quite comfortably do 20 minutes and it says I’ve jogged 5.5km), sometimes saluting the sun with odd yoga poses (that has my housemates in occasional giggles), and sometimes you are either a speed skiier or a penguin (pictured left).

Typically, I’ve been starting with warming up balancing games like downhill skiing (requiring you to balance on the board to ski through gates), a marble game (balancing to get marbles to drop through holes on an obstacle course type thing) and a tightrope walking game. There are others, but they are much of a muchness (for instance, the skiing game unlocks the snowboarding game).

Post balancing games, I’m into the aerobic exercise. Hula-hooping like a mofo. Then jogging (or it might be ‘Yogging’. I think the ‘J’ is silent). It’s a blast, which is more than a little surprising considering it’s just running for an extended period of time. 10-20 minutes of that (covering either 2.5 or 5km at a minimum) sorta gets a gentle sweat going.

As a nice little feature, you can see the other Mii avatars running around the track. Its kinda odd to get outpaced by your housemates, and it only makes it worse to know they are always FUCKING SMILING!

All this aside, graph time:

Shit was SO FitCash
So I’ve dropped a bit over a kilo. Kinda pleased.

I think I’ll plateau in a bit, it’s apparently hard to keep losing weight at the same pace. But I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

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